Ariel continues its strides towards gender equality by urging men to #ShareTheLaundry with women

We all talk about gender equality but is it truly happening? Even in today’s modern world, women are still expected to take care of the household chores all by themselves. It is a truly tiring and under-appreciated job leaving women stressed. It is very important to take a step towards sharing the load today for an equal tomorrow. Ariel as a brand is trying to be a facilitator of this change by urging to take action against gender disparity in Indian households.

The first thing that can bring about change is conversations around the problem that needs to be resolved. Ariel’s #ShareTheLoad 4.0 is successful in throwing light and creating space for discussion on the topic of women bearing the load of household chores alone. Though men these days contribute to certain activities at home but it is still considered a woman’s prerogative to see that those tasks are completed, which compels them to stretch working hours giving them less time for sleep. According to facts, 71% women sleep less than men due to the load of household chores and this very data triggered Ariel towards this year’s insight and the urge to create social awareness around the unequal distribution of household chores and its impact on women.

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-15 at 8.20.51 PM

The brand aims to make a better world by making happier homes where there is gender equality. Where men and women have equal responsibilities of household chores and the mental load is shared. The first step is to #ShareTheLaundry load. Most men think that the simplest household work they can start with is laundry, hence Ariel aims at making laundry the face of this movement by making men #ShareTheLaundry and thus #ShareTheLoad for an #Equal tomorrow. Ariel ensures that all laundry is clean no matter who does it, thus making this change easier.

Ariel is not just a women’s weapon to fight stains but also their advocate to fight against the inequality they face in households.

Having said that, #ShareTheLoad is not just a campaign, it is a movement towards social change. Ariel as a brand aims at creating equality for women in the society. Women are the backbone of our society and empowerment of women will lead to the progress of the society as a whole.

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