RailYatri.in The new way to travel on train!

The most popular, safe and economical way to travel within the country for all demographics of people is taking a train. I still remember how I used to love gazing through the window of those non air-conditioned coaches seeing the world run by, with mom and dad at my side.

Years passed and train journeys became fewer but with every journey there was one thing that kept deteriorating, the availability and taste of food. With the Indian railway norms for passenger safety in place and the extreme commercialisation of the stalls at the platforms, food went to being inedible for me.

In a quest for good food while on the iron wheels, I tumbled upon RailYatri – a cutting edge App that collaborates with local restaurants to deliver piping hot food on train and that too right on your seat.


We were on a train that we boarded from Mumbai’s Borivali station with the terminal station being Udaipur. We decided to try our luck with the railway food. All I would say without going into the details is that it was a wrong call to rely on railway food. After a few disastrous encounters at the beginning of the journey I looked to some service that could deliver healthy & fresh food on the train and luckily I came across RailYatri.in

We ordered some Italian Pasta & a Desi Veg Thali! Both turned out to be delicious and the order was well coordinated. Food was delivered at the right time and was piping hot at the time of delivery. Most importantly it came on time and on my seat! The food tasted really good and was both hygienic & fresh.



After this meal we realized that it was more convenient to order food from RailYatri.in One can choose from a wide menu of food options and get them delivered on your seat than relying on the unsuitable & filthy pantry of Railways.

We would ask you all to give this life saving and delicious app a try!

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