A Kitchen by Siemens!

You must be used to reading reviews of our experiences with home chefs, little eateries, food fests and even state of the art hotels. Well, here is our first experience of going behind the kitchen door to experience how the place where all the action takes place can also be so stylish, smart and aesthetically appealing. Siemens appliances can make a kitchen your favourite part of the house for sure!

The Siemens experience centre is unlike a retail store you visit to buy any of your kitchen appliances. It is in the true sense a centre that is solely dedicated to experiencing the functionality and beauty of the technological brilliance of Siemens. If one has to make a conscious decision of luxurious living, the Siemens experience centre is the place to visit.


We had a chance to look at the chef cook to perfection using the Siemens induction oven, induction hobs, down draft hood and teppan yaki. These might sound as NASA’s space shuttles headed to mars but they actually are smart kitchen appliances that are extremely easy and effective in use.

The Siemens ovens made baking fun and all the three batches of cookies that we baked were done to perfection. The telescopic rails in the oven facilitate easy accessibility and better safety while baking.


The Combi Steam Oven helped us steam dhokla’s, rice and anything that needs to be steamed. The steamed veggies retain their natural colour and look scrumptious.


The Domino hob had an amazing trio or a deep fryer, a barbeque grill and a teepan yaki. The deep fryer with a finger slide temperature controller lets you reuse oil without leaving a black residue. Frying becomes extremely easy with the dip basket and a tuck loop for the basket to let the excess oil drain away after a perfect fry.


The barbeque grill has lava stones that give a charcoal grill effect while cooking and also has easy clean features.

Teepan yaki is a hot plate that we used to stir fry veggies. It is a multi-functional plate that can be fully or partly used as per the requirement. It comes with a touch control on the front side and a electronic display. It is also an easy clean appliance that releases all that gets stuck to it on contact with ice.

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A down draft hood placed right behind the domino hob is completely flushed inside the platform when not in use. Operated by a touch panel on its top, the hood gives complete coverage to the hob. A back painted glass panelled design makes it an aesthetical necessity in the kitchen.


Looking back at the entire experience we realise that it is important for decision makers planning their kitchen to make a planned visit to this Siemens experience centre located in Andheri.

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