Vegetarian Turkey on our platter at Sofitel Mumbai!

Turkish Airlines in association with Sofitel Mumbai organises a Turkish food trail with chefs specially travelling from Sofitel Istanbul to prepare authentic Turkish delicacies. We were delighted to come across such an interesting cuisine right here in Mumbai and being food enthusiasts we love to try the world on our plate. We being vegetarians were amazed at the vegetarian varieties the Turkish chefs offered us which was prepared considering a huge vegetarian population in India. They have a different menu on each day of the festival. We had a good Sunday evening spent with these Turkish delicacies and here are our recommendations.


Patlican Corbasi (Eggplant Soup)

Burgule Pulav

Patates Kroket (Deep fried Potato)

Vegetarian Sushi

Sutlac (Rice pudding)

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Zeytin Salata (Dill, red onion and tomato salad)

Havuc Tarator (Yogurt, garlic and carrot salad)

Kisir (Bulgar, tomato paste, pomegranate, lemon and Parsley)

Mercimek Koftesi (Lentil, onion , garlic and tomato paste)

Balik Havuc Kavurma (Honey and Carrot)

Firin Patates (Baked Potatoes)

Nohut (Chickpea cooked with tomato paste)

Tofu in black bean sauce

Chow Mein (Stir fry vegetable noodles)

Com Chi Rau (Vietname Vegetable fried rice)

Stir frid Mushroom and Brocolli

Make your own Salad

Vegetable dimsum

Waterchestnut dimsum

Banana Foster dessert made live

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Edamame Dimsum

Pumpkin Dimsum

Mantarli Pirasa Kavurmasi (Saute Mushrooms and leeks)

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Wrapping up!

The Turkish Trail brought to us many new dishes which were first time introduced to our taste buds and we quite enjoyed it. It was an adventurous food evening with a surprise in every bite as these were unfamiliar tastes. After this experience we surely look forward to visit Turkey while not worrying about the food.

Pondicherry café at Sofitel has its Indian spread along with the other cuisines they bring forward as festivals. We are fans of their Indian spread as well. There is no need to mention that the staff is well trained and make sure you have a superior experience.

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