Why you shouldn’t order your birthday cake from Love & Cheesecake!

I have few memories of my first few birthday celebrations that my parents organised in our little apartment that we used to rent in the Post & Telegraph colony. When I look back at the pictures taken from my dad’s then latest Nikon camera (that came with a negative roll inside), I realise how my mother used to spent weeks putting together the details of the decoration, the music system, snacks, my clothes, their attire and much more. The customised decorations only press emphasis on the time and energy she would have put in to make this one given day in my life a happy one. What touches me the most, from my cherished pictures, is the customised cake she used to bake for me every year in days when there were no microwaves (at least not in common usage). Sometimes it was an attempt to make a cartoon character (Mickey as it was easier to make) or the initials of my name or a car shaped cake. Although I am a food blogger today and have tasted few of the best desserts this large city of Mumbai has to offer, even today when I look back at my birthday pictures I want to eat that very cake my mom baked for me then.

I am not sure if everyone has these memories or recalls from their initial birthdays but one thing is for sure that a birthday cake is the most important part of a child’s annual celebration. Now we definitely can still bake our own cakes at home but with specialists who are masters of the art of baking available so abundantly in the current day scenario we always choose to pick one of the shelf for most friends and get customized ones for the kids in the family.

My nephew Dhruv who turner two on 21st March had been super exited about this birthday for more than a month. A kids excitement directly translated to the parents zeal and effort to make it a special day. We planned every small detail of the evening in the preceding three weeks where the entire evening was planned as a Walty Disney themed party with Mick Mouse (Dhruv’s favorite character) taking center stage. Just a week before we decided to get the birthday boys cake customized to represent mickey mouse. We collectively spent hours to find pictorial representations of how the cake could look good and taste even better and came to a consensus that we do not want a fondant cake as to our liking a regular non fondant cake would taste better. In the process to find a good non-fondant cake baker we asked friends, family, fellow bloggers for suggestions. We were sure that we did not want a chocolate cake as Dhruv is not much fond of chocolates and decided to go by Red Velvet.

This is where Love & Cheesecake came into picture. I drove from my Kandivali apartment to their Andheri Lokhandwala’s outlet to have a detailed discussion about the cake, it’s look, it’s flavor and get the order placed. We went to the details of discussing that since this is a customized cake in the shape of a Mickey Mouse we wouldn’t want the red crumbs on top of the red velvet cake, so on and so forth. We finally booked the cake after a literal assurance from the outlet that “The cake will look good and taste even better”. 2.5 KG Customized Red Velvet cake for INR 1800/kg amounting to INR 4,650 (INR 150 for delivery).

The cake arrived at the scheduled time on our kiddos day. It looked good enough as promised too. Passing all the obvious party games and celebration came the time the kid was exited about, cake cutting! While the parents held Dhruv’s hand helping him cut the cake I gazed in amazement that the slice cut out of a picture perfect cake was no where close to red, orange, pink or any of those shades. It was a chocolate cake! One small nibble and Dhruv popped it out of his mouth. The parents were upset that Dhruv did not like the cake we planned for him and I was fuming.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-23 at 11.37.42 AM

Although I knew it wasn’t getting better from there, I yet called the outlet with a promise of a call back. An executive who called back apologized and offered a 2kg red velvet cake by the time my party was over (compensation you see). Compensation for a child’s ruined birthday cake! I told him I am thoroughly disappointed and this is completely not acceptable to receive a non-empathetic reply “This is best we can do.” I thanked him for his best effort that wasn’t good enough with my promise that I will take it to my pen. A follow up call from the operations manager did not help cool me down as I couldn’t let go of Dhruv’s unhappy face.

I am not here to write some brand down but I strongly recommend you do not order cakes from Love & Cheese cake as they are not professional in their attitude and make blunders! You would think you are ordering a fine cake but land up with something that leaves you with a red face after paying more than most other cake shops.

No Love & Cheesecake!

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