Pent Houzz, Mumbai (Kandivali East)

Kandivali witnesses a rooftop restaurant that is located on the huge terrace of this famous commercial mall in Thakur complex. Pent Houzz has a very relaxed and playful atmosphere with swings to sit across tables, high chairs with high tables and even large group friendly seating. The place is well lit and has wooden tables and wooden upholstered chairs as a part of their decor. There is a long bar which hollers their name. One can chill here with friends over a sheesha or visit them for a date evening or even a family meal. This place is meant for all moods and all age types.



Crantea mocktail

Chilli Paneer

Bhakarwadi chaat

Tandoori Mushrooms

Paneer Tikka Masala with Kulcha

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Amber Cloud

Mint Mojito

Butter Pent Houzz Pizza

Olive, Sundried Tomato and Bhavnagri pizza

Manchurian Dry

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Exotic Veg and Noodle Soup

Italian Sizzler

Paanananas mocktail

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Wrapping up!

Along with an amazing ambience the place serves good food to the most part. Friendly staff adds to the dining experience. One can spend long hours in an energetic environment at Penthouzz.

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