63 By-Lane, Mumbai (Kandivali Thakur Village)

A little over a decade back while I was at the Thakur college of science and commerce perusing my junior college studies in science, like most of the students we used to bunk a lot of lectures. The college being located in Thakur Village, we used to spend time exploring the by lanes and discovered quite a few interesting places there. The most interesting one for us bunch of friends was a gaming café where we used to spend hours playing counter strike. Those days there were limited options with respect to food and we had to stick to the stereotype dosa’s, sandwiches and pav bhaji’s. Had there been a 63 By Lane back then we would have quite a different story to tell.

Nonetheless they are now here and to stay! We visited them for a weekend lunch meal and here is the tale!


63 By lane is a name curated from the location of the joint. It is placed in the 63rd shop of the by lane behind the main street of Thakur Village. It is a little place but must say is very well done. It has been branded in only two colours; black and white. Very elegantly done open kitchen and the fresh ingredients are neatly kept in front of you to see and choose what the chef using to prepare your meal. There is a small Ac section which accommodates the open kitchen and the order desk. One can be seated on the outers to enjoy their freshly prepared dishes. There are wooden tables and stools to keep you seated. Branding is evident on every small element they use to serve you from the tissues the sprinkle wrappers and also to the extent of the caps and raincoats of the delivery boys. We found the effort very thoughtful. A small joint with a lot to speak for its brand and most importantly “FOOD”


Chilled fresh lime water is a house made drink which is fresh and refreshing. It has mint leaves and chia seeds which do not add to the flavour but definitely makes it look interesting.

The chilled lemon tea is also made in-house and carries appropriate sweetness. It is also enhanced with fresh mint leaves. We prefer this one over the fresh lime water.


For the love of food!

Barbeque pizza is one of the best Pizzas in town served at 63 By lane. This comes in a rectangular shape and thin crust base. Toppings included capsicum, onion, cottage cheese and bell peppers. The pizza has a perfectly flavoured barbecue sauce which is lightly sweetened with satiating flavours. The crust is crisp on the outer and comparatively soft towards inside, baked to perfection.fullsizerender

63 Multigrain is a house special pizza served by them. It has a thin crust made of multigrain flour making it a healthier substitute with grains like jowar, makai, bajra, oats, rice and wheat flour. It has fresh toppings which include Broccoli, onions, mushrooms, babycorn, sun dried tomatoes and spinach. The taste of sun dried tomatoes requires a special mention as they tasted fabulous making the pizza an outstanding delicacy.fullsizerender-2

Four cheese pizza is another delicious preparation which has flavours of all four cheese speaking for themselves. Adding a little oregano can take the taste to a next level. We indulged.fullsizerender-3

Aglio Olio is our favourite Italian dish and we couldn’t resist ordering this one. The first fork into it and we were sold for the taste. It was one of the best we have had in our food journey so far and we highly recommend this one here. It had a fantastic fragrance of burnt garlic and was tossed with black olives and sun dried tomatoes. Just the way we like it.fullsizerender-4

We next tried their salads and started with Watermelon Salad. The melon was coated with lemon and honey and topped with balsamic dressing, Feta cheese, roasted walnuts, basil and salad rocket. Watermelons are super refreshing in the scorching heat of Mumbai and this preparation is a pure delight with twisted flavours.fullsizerender-6

Caesar Salad has iceberg lettuce, croutons, tomatoes, olives, bell peppers, parmesan cheese and Caesar dressing. All ingredients are super fresh and healthy.fullsizerender-7

They also have a make your own salad/pasta option where one can choose their ingredients and get a salad/pasta of choice prepared. We think this is a great idea as one doesn’t have to stick to the stereotypes and can experiment with tastes.

We also tried their Quinoa salad which was made with make your own style where ingredients of our choice were added along with healthy Quinoa and mixed seeds. A very rich and nutritious preparation made tasty.fullsizerender-10

Nutella pizza is filled with caramelized bananas and topped with nutella along with choco chips. The preparation is unlike other nutella pizzas which are just topped with nutella. The caramelized bananas have a good taste but one has to be patient for it to cool down before you place it in your mouth. It is rightly said, ‘An impatient person burns his tongue also and deprives himself of the taste as well’. This happened to us. The nutella pizza is a good pick for people who love both bananas and nutella.fullsizerender-9

Mushroom sauce spaghetti pasta is loaded with creamy mushroom sauce and mushrooms. It is really heavy but is high on taste. It is a sinful preparation for mushroom and cream lovers. We strongly recommend this one.fullsizerender-5

Basil pesto pasta is creamy with a slight basil flavour. It is a variation of white pasta made with sun dried tomatoes, black olives and fresh basil leaves.fullsizerender


The manager who takes your order is well trained and helps you choose your order in case you are not a patron. The servers and chefs take extreme care of hygienic in kitchen and otherwise. We were quite impressed by the cleanliness they maintain and the efficiency of the chefs.


This is the place to be for Italian food lovers. They have few of the finest Italian recipes. The rates are nominal in accordance to the quality they serve. They have a wide choice to make your own combinations so that no one leaves unsatisfied. Hidden Gem!

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  1. Wow! The delectable photos and detailed descriptions make it look like a yummy place to dine at! Love how you discover and meticulously review these places, and especially the way your words conjure up tastes and scents- not an easy task!


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