Gabbar’s Grill and Fry, Mumbai (Andheri West)

“Yeah Ramghar wale apni betiyo ko kaun chakki ka pisa aata khilate hai?”

– Sardar Gabbar Singh

Finally someone has cracked that puzzle and brought the magic of Ramghar ki chakki ka aata to Mumbai. We are not sure if you will get Basanti’s charm by dining here but you surely get Gabbar’s post Sholey flab by not being able to restrain yourself from overeating.

We visited them for a lunch meal and now have a glorious tale to tell.

From The Designers Perspective!

Gabbar’s Grill and Fry is a delivery centric kitchen, with a small dine in setup, for serving walk in visitors. They have done quite a decent job on the seating area that they have created with slogans and framed images of none other than Gabbar which makes this small joint an interesting one. They have given a filmy feel to their outlet and the menu that is sure to interest bollywood fans. We were quite impressed with their passion for food and the enthusiasm of having a happy customer.

Drink It Baby!

Masala Chaas had minced pudina, cumin seeds and a pinch of salt. It was prepared with fresh curd and served in a glass bottle. It is our favourite accompaniment with Indian food and Gabbar makes it deliciously well. “Chhas ek aur aadmi teen … bahut nainsaafi hai yeh!”

Lassi was flavoured with rose which is liked by many patrons but we enjoy the traditional lassi which is a thick and sweetened curd beaten perfectly. “Hum kaam sirf Lassi ke liye karte hai!”fullsizerender-15

For The Love Of Food!

Starters kicked of with Mozarella cheese sticks, Multani Mushrooms, Tricolour cottage cheese and Burnt Garlic fries.

Mozzarella Cheese sticks were crisp batter coated sticks that were deep-fried and filled with mozzarella. It had a satiating taste and was served in shot glasses. “Arrey oh Sambha … kitna inaam rakhe hai sarkar inn Mozzarella Sticks par?”fullsizerender-18

Multani Mushrooms were vertically skewered and looked like a mountain of yumminess. These were big sized mushrooms that were just perfectly marinated. The mushrooms were soft and juicy. The marination was made with appropriate amount of spices making the dish a must pick. “Basanti in mushrooms ke samne mat nachna”fullsizerender-28

Tricolor Cottage Cheese was one of their best sellers and a recommendation from the restaurant. The cottage cheese cubes were crammed with three different coloured marinations namely saffron, white and green representing the Tricolor in our flag. The cottage cheese was soft and fresh with appropriate marination. All we suggest is to keep the colour content a tad bit lesser. “Holi kab hai … kab hai Holi, kab?”fullsizerender-16

Next dish was our favourite one in the lunch that day, it may not be mentioned in the menu but can be prepared on request and it was French fries with burnt garlic. The fries were crisp and the highlight of the dish was the yummy burnt garlic. We totally loved it and are sure to grab this one every time in the passing. “Ek ek ko chun chun ke khaunga … chun chun ke khaunga!”fullsizerender-60

Main course had Gabbar Special Veggie that is a combination of orange and green gravy where the green gravy is made of palak and the orange gravy is made from a tomato onion based preparation. Mix veggies were cooked in orange gravy. The preparation tasted well with Indian breads. “Yeh sabji humko de de Thakur”fullsizerender-32

Sweet Tooth!

Delicious disc Kulfi was served as dessert. Although it is a sourced product but they have figured out a good vendor to facilitate visitors with sweet endings. They have special surprises at the end of your meal. Rarely found childhood fancies like sweet cigarettes, kismiss, fatafat etc. These will always remain special for the kids from the 90s and will take you for a walk down your memory lane. Loved this surprise and you should go and grab yours. “Ab goli aur kulfi kha”fullsizerender-38

How May I Help You!

Gabbar’s Grill & Fry is a delivery-focused place with a petite space to sit and dine in. They have a small area equipped with tables and chairs with pictures of Gabbar (For whome it is said “Yahan se pachas pachas kos door gaon mein … jab bachcha raat ko rota hai, toh maa kehti hai bete soo ja … soo ja nahi toh Gabbar Singh aa jayega”). They do serve you well on your visit to their den. One of the owners are usually around and we had the gorgeous Suparna for engaging us in a good lunching experience. The staff is prompt and receptive. They are passionate about their servings and play good hosts. “Hum ajj ke zamaane ke restaurant hai..Haha!”

Hawk Eye View!

Gabbar is a complete heart throbbing place with good food, welcoming service and a flimy set up in the western suburbs. Hidden gem. “Is story mein khana hai, pina hai, maje hai”

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