Masala Library, Mumbai (BKC)

What is more important, to be good or to be different? This question would divide the answerers the three groups. One that says it is important to be different in what you do. They would be countered by examples of a brand like Motorola who brought in pagers but were not good enough with the technological enhancement of cell phones. The other group would emphasize on being just good and would be mellowed down by the example of an Nokia who were pretty good at what they did but could not innovate with changing times to be different. Then comes the third group who challenges the question and says that it is as integrally important to be different as it is to be good. A combination of being good and different makes you the Apple of the industry.

Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra is the Apple of the restaurant industry. They are the first few to revolutionize food from being a mere offering at restaurants to something that is a holistic experience. Innovation with molecular gastronomy in a subtle and knowledgeable way, so was to enhance a food experience is one of their core competency.

We visited for another weekend lunch and here goes our admiration.


From the very first look of it Masala Library is an elegant luxury-dining restaurant. The interiors are done very subtly with solid wood tables and fabric upholstered seating. Wood has been used generously covering both the floor and the double heighted ceiling. Walls are done in a way to give them an earthen look. The entire place is very well lit using track lights. The tables are graced with designer crockery that builds up to the look of the interiors. Overall a soothing dine in space.


Masala Library Punch was our first drink and it did not disappoint. It was spun mixing canned juices with some Indian spices and the sweet sour taste went well with the meal.img_3285

Burnt Curry Leaf Martini tasted like molten curry leaves. It is very rich in flavor and is garnished with a single curry leaf. It was a recommendation by the staff but did not go very well with our taste buds.img_3364


Steamed Patrani Bocconcini was lemon and coriander shorba poured upon the soft mozzarella balls coated in the coconut based patrani chutney. It was an appetizing start to the meal and we completely loved it.img_3279

Fresh Chenna Bhalla Chaat was the second course of the meal and was extremely palatable. Dahi soaked bhalla with sweet and sour chutney in the core, presented on a uneven china clay platter, garnished by fried okra with sev, pomegranate seeds, green chutney and micro greens on the side. The fried okra adds crunch to the dish. This one’s a definite try!img_3299

Pesto Kebab are their version of the hara bhara kebab. There are kebabs made from pesto by indianising its taste. These are served with cherry tomato foam on the side made using molecular gastronomy technique garnished with micro greens.img_3318

Pan Toasted Masala Shrooms were our best pick from the lunch meal. Exotic mushrooms (majorly Cremini and Portobello) were coked in truffel oil, black pepper and cream. Presented on a black colour platter with vinegared onion and micro greens on the side and sprinkled with truffle haze.img_3329

Malbari Parotha Quesadilla was an amazing fusion of Indian Malbari parotha and Mexican quesadilla. The tortilla was replaced by a Malabari parotha and was stuffed with cooked mix vegetables. The parotha is toped with podi masala and is served along side coconut tomato chutney. Must try!img_3333

A pallet cleanser made its way here before the main course. This was the Mishti Dahi Sorbet and it did its job very well.img_3351

Mushroom Suffle Kofta was crumbed mushroom kofta with a pasty mushroom stuffing served along side pan cooked oyster mushrooms and truffle saffron curry laid on a bed of quinoa. The dish was presented well but did not meet the high standards set by the preceding dishes.img_3377

Tadka Artichoke Hearts by the name of it is artichoke hearts cooked with zucchini, asparagus and bell peppers. It was served alongside banarsi korma gravy. It wasn’t bad but we would not recommend this one.img_3370


Ras Malai Tres Leches is by far one of the best desserts we have had in a long time. Three layers of ras malai stuffed with apple cream beautifully placed over each other and laid on a bed of saffron milk with shaved almonds and pistachios, garnished with caramelized glaze. Just go for it!img_3407

Jalebi Caviar arrived just when we thought it was over and took us by awe all over again. Jalebi served in the form of caviar surrounded by rabdi and saffron foam on the side. It looked awesome and tasted even better!img_3422


How you differentiate a better restaurant for the good is by interacting with their staff and Masala Library earns brownie points there. The staff is well spoken and highly educated about the restaurant’s servings. They are equipped to make suggestions to your palette type and make your visit a pleasant one.img_3437


From the hawks eye they appear probably like Bora Bora islands where you want to go for your honeymoon. Who does not want to go for a honeymoon?

PS: Be sure to book a table before you visit them.

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