The Woking Mama, Thane (Korum Mall)

Only a couple of years back, the Oops…I did it again singer Britney Spears came out with her seventh studio album Femme Fatale and The X Factor. The forth and final single released in September 2011 was “Criminal”. Does anyone still remember the lyrics this popular number?

The Woking Mama have nothing to do with Ms. Spears or Criminal but they just remind us of it for obvious reasons. The restaurant has got us singing Criminal with food stealing the show on a review invite at the restaurant’s first anniversary celebration.

Mama we are surely in love with this criminal (read food)!


Located on the second floor of the Korum mall The Woking Mama sports a mix of a chick fine dine ambiance with a quirky touch. Double heighted ceiling with hanging lights give the place an open feel. Wooden tables and upholstered chairs make the dining experience confortable. They have a small raised sprung floor where an amazing artist kept the guests engaged with some classic and refreshing numbers. There are elements that give an Asian touch to the interiors.


We had a special welcome with a soda based mocktail carrying our name tags. We loved this customization. We then ordered for Banta Soda. This was served in a tall glass. The drink had a lot of syrup making it extra sweet and lost its tangy flavors.

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Tom Kha Soup was our first dish. This coconut based Thai soup had the most appropriate flavors and had chopped fresh veggies. The coconut base was smooth and thickened in right consistency. Veggies added freshness and the glass noodles added body to the soup. It was definitely commendable and left us craving for more.thumb_img_20160917_210530_1024

Soya Basil Dumplings were delicious dim sums wrapped in a thin green covering. The covering enclosed finely minced veggies and prominently had garlic flavor. We loved them being the most ideal dimsums which were so flavourful that no sauces were required. Perfection!thumb_img_20160917_212314_1024

Raw Mango Salad is meant for raw mango lovers. Go for it girls! Shredded raw mango was tossed with sprouts and spices. Yummy!thumb_img_20160917_213316_1024

Cottage Chesse Harissa was served on a hot mat grey platter placed on flames. The cottage cheese was hard and lacked flavors though it looked well marinated. The satay was supported with peanut sauce that is a delicious preparation but was not enough to raise the level of the dish. Avoid this one.thumb_img_20160917_213935_1024

Crispy Water chestnuts with Bamboo Shoots were another palatable preparation by chefs at Wolking Mama. The water chestnuts were well sautéed with finely chopped onions, spring onions, garlic, paprika and black pepper. The crunch of water chestnuts was lacking but the dish overall tasted good.thumb_img_20160917_213614_1024

There was a Japanese Teriyaki live station at the restaurant where they prepared the teriyaki with your customizations. A sheet is handed over to you with various ingredient options to choose from and make your own teriyaki. One can experiment with interesting mixes. We chose rice with bell peppers, olives, zucchini and corn. We loved the way chef had put our selections together making this dish the star of the evening. The accompanied sautéed veggies were also tossed well. The teriyaki was placed on a hot pan with flame underneath to keep your dish hot till you relish it.thumb_img_20160917_224624_1024

Thai Green Curry with steamed rice is a preparation that does not generally go wrong at most places but at Wolking Mama it was only made to raise standards of this fantastic dish. Correctly flavoured with right consistency made it an awesome main course.thumb_img_20160917_230818_1024


Orange and Coffee Panna Cotta was a little odd tasting combination and we passed this one right after the first spoon.thumb_img_20160917_233054_1024

Coconut Jelly with Mango Cream Sauce was another not so appealing dessert whose flavours did not amuse us. We passed this one too.thumb_img_20160917_233442_1024


The staff greets you with a smile and is attentive. They are not very informed about their servings though. The food came in at perfect intervals and we had a fun time with the live music keeping the energy and vibe high.


The Woking Mama is a cool place with delicious preparations. Live music makes the place very lively. The servers are well trained and attend to you well. Flamboyant yet chic decor makes the place very trendy.


Veg Dim sums, Tom Kha Soup, Thai Green Curry and Japanese Teriyaki

PS: Mama I’m in love with this criminal (read food)

And this type of love isn’t rational, it’s physical

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View my food journey on Zomato!
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