Brewbot turns #2 with a new menu!

Somewhere in 3500 BC a gentlemen in Iran was sipping his mug of naturally fermented beer and talking to his fellas of how it was the best thing that had happened to him. Little did he know that this water from the gods would be the second most consumed beverage for centuries to come. Now god did not make enough of this miracle to last the present day population and so he sent Brewbot with its little microbrewery to spread the love. Unfortunately we found love in other things and went there only for the food as they celebrated their second anniversary with a scrumptious new menu.

From the designers perspective!

Is it always about the food? Definitely not! How a place is built makes all the difference to a restaurant experience and Brewbot gets off with flying colours there. They have quite some seating in the exteriors open to sky and this area gets really bright and lively as the sun goes down (temporarily under renovation). Interiors are done with sofa seating across wooden tables and stand around counters overlooking the microbrewery behind the bar. Open ceiling, raw walls, and old school décor gives the place the wacky look it deserves. The place has a zesty vibe!


Drink it baby!

While the rest of the table picked their beer from the choice of 5 different craft beers we choose to pick the Cool Passion & Guava Spicy Mary. The Cool passion being a tropical drink is a mix of passion fruit juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, sprite and crushed ice. It was the best drink among two we ordered.thumb_img_20160122_153727_1024

We did not try The Guava Spicy Mary at Brewbot for the first time and hence first hand knew it would be nice. It did not kill our expectation.thumb_img_20160122_153808_1024

For the Love of Food!

It’s a Wrap! Ironically, that’s what we started with. Cottage cheese lightly marinated in red harrisa, wrapped in zucchini and presented on a platter forming a semi circle with a bed of red harrisa and lemon on the side. It was quite a nice presentation and an equally good dish. A little more seasoning wouldn’t hurt though.thumb_img_20160914_205103_1024

Going Green with the kasundi mustard marinated mushrooms alongside red and yellow bell peppers, was a good idea. The dish is served alongside a house salad and a mustard dip. The mushrooms are marinated well and cooked to perfection.thumb_img_20160914_210923_1024

Feel Good Platter did make us feel that way. With fresh chickpea hummus, Harrisa hummus, Baba ganoush (dip made with eggplant, tomatoes and olive oil) served alongside Pita bread and Lavash the platter was quite a nice accompaniment for the drinking gang. Fired dal spheres were also places alongside Tabbouleh made of chopped parsley, tomatoes and onion.thumb_img_20160914_211817_1024

Tony Montata Style Slider was just about a decent try. We have not quite liked sliders at brewbot before and even this one fell short only because of the freshness of the bun. The overall taste was pretty good thanks to the crisp patty, grilled onions, jalapeno, chipotle aioli and cheddar cheese.


Below are some escapades we had at Brewbot in the past!

Braciola called the Eggplant Involtini. This innovative dish was eggplant (Brinjal) and zucchini rolls, dressed with feta, garnished with fried basil leaves served alongside Marinara sauce and bread is a good pick.thumb_IMG_20160122_151524_1024

Goat Cheese Lollipops were a visual treat and that’s that. We realized we are not goat cheese people after one lollypop each. We would let this one pass.thumb_IMG_20160122_151842_1024

Beetroot & Goat Cheese Salad was a combination of Roasted beetroot, Arugula (Salad rocket), caramelized walnuts and walnut dressing. The caramelized walnuts gave the salad a good flavor.thumb_IMG_20160122_152711_1024

Farm Fresh Pizza was absolute rightly baked with a crisp thin pesto base topped with mushrooms, bell peppers, pumpkin, pine nuts, cheese and ricotta (whey goat cheese).thumb_IMG_20160122_153218_1024

Penne Arrabbiata cooked with bell peppers, sautéed zucchini, garlic and parsley was very well cooked with the arrabbiata sauce stealing the show.thumb_IMG_20160122_160628_1024

Mushroom Risotto was our newfound love at Brewbot. With a little salt sprinkle the dish became my best pic from this meal. It is a must try!thumb_IMG_20160122_160816_1024

Potato Corn & Jalapeno Slider sounded interesting but did not live up completely. The potato & corn patty was a little more crisp than required and the bun not very soft. You can avoid this one.thumb_IMG_20160122_161014_1024

Sweet Tooth!

The desserts stole the show. The house special Lemon Cheesecake was extremely fresh and had a melt in the mouth texture. It is by far the best lemon cheesecake we have had.thumb_IMG_20160122_170622_1024

Chocolate and Peanut butter Parfait looked and tasted the same, amazing! Someone who likes peanut butter should just not let this one pass.thumb_IMG_20160129_112955_1024Warm Apple Strudel served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and whipped cream was picture perfect and a treat to our taste buds. The strudel stuffed with slow cooked apple was warm and not overly sweet to our liking.thumb_IMG_20160122_170522_1024

Chocolate Fondant was our least liked of all four desserts but that does not take away anything from how good it was. A fondant filled with hot chocolate served alongside a scoop of vanilla ice cream is just the right combination.thumb_IMG_20160122_171011_1024

How may I help you?

An equally divided crowd of vegetarians and non-vegetarians was given the right suggestions and served at the right pace. Very importantly you can ask them to give you tour of their microbrewery and they are delighted to explain the entire process in detail so you get to know how that mug of beer you are chugging was made. They are also very informative about their food they serve. Chef & Owner Anand Morwani made sure we had an amazing evening with his core competence, the food!

Hawk eye view!

This meal at Brewbot brought a smile to our face with the food, warmth and very importantly the desserts. We have visited them for dinners as well as lunches and they are a very good place to spend some time with friends over drinks. Good food, rightly priced drinks & and a lively ambiance is what summarizes Brewbot.

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View my food journey on Zomato!
View my food journey on Zomato!
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