Chi Na Chi Ni, Navi Mumbai (Kharghar)

My last visit to a Chinese club was not a very long time back at Foshan city. Little that I have learnt from my close interaction with our neighbours is that they like to splurge over food and drinks. They would order extremely wholesome quantities of food when at a table, drink like a fish and play games that help them consume more alcohol. With India’s growing liking for authentic Asian cuisine and culture we have seen a steep spike in a number of places serving the same. Chi Na Chi Ni as the name suggests is another addition to the growing Pan Asian food scene.

We were invited to the pre-launch party that had stand up comedian Sourabh Pant of EIC fame deliver an hilarious performance followed by an pre set scrumptious dinner. We completely enjoyed the evening and here goes the tale!


The restaurant is a part of the 5 star property named Royal Tulip at Kharghar. This restaurant has its own charm with motive designed upholstered seating, royal chandeliers, classic wallpapers and an old school charm. There are comfortable seating arrangements with designer sofas and chairs. The upholstery has varied designs sparing the place a monotonous look. Overall the interiors are subtle, stylish and classy at the same time.


Chi Na Chi Ni being a fine dine restaurant inside a 5 star property amazed us with its rock bottom prices. The mocktails started at as low as INR 40. They served quite a few options and we tried Tamarind Ice Tea, Sparkling Pankam and Coconut Harchata.

Tamarind Ice Tea was appetizing and tamarind flavours made it tangy. Ice tea was infused with tamarind syrup and we enjoyed the infusion.

Sparkling Pankam is a blend of jaggery, cardamom, Thai ginger and lime. Jaggery and cardamom are very tempting flavours for a drink and they do magic together. Yet the flavours were not used in an appropriate quantity making this drink average.

Coconut Harchata was a drink with rice, almonds, cinnamon powder and coconut milk. This drink reads rich with its ingredients but was not as rich. Enormous amount of ice made the diluted drink further watery. We passed this one.thumb_img_20160820_224924_1024


Tom Kha soup is a coconut milk based preparation that is white in colour and enhanced with colourful and healthy veggies like Brocolli, carrot, baby corn, galangal, lemon grass and Tofu. The soup is flavoursome and also has a spicy after effect. We completely relished the delicious soup.thumb_img_20160820_221349_1024

Water Chestnut And Spinach Dimsums are topped with sweet chilli sauce and garnished with black and white sesame. The dumplings have a thin covering enclosing finely chopped water chestnut and spinach. We appreciate the crunch and the flavours of this delicacy.thumb_img_20160820_220110_1024

Coriander Chilli was another variant of the dimsums served at Chi Na Chi Ni. This one is enclosed in a thin wrap with finely minced veggies tossed with a spicy flavour. Unlike authentic Dimsums, this one is well spiced and does not need any accompanying sauces.thumb_img_20160820_220556_1024

Beijing Style Corn Custard was a delicious starter served to us on the day. Mashed potatoes along with corn, finely chopped yellow, green and red bell peppers are made into cubes and then batter fried. These crispies are then tossed with garlic, scallions and spices making them mildly spicy and scrumptious. We got fond of these ones.thumb_img_20160820_223127_1024

Mosaic Sushi had vinegar marinated rice and pickled vegetables wrapped with nori sheets (Japanese name for edible seaweed species). These looked very colourful and admirable with use of contrasting colors. Though the vinegar content was high, these were delicious. Since we are not very fond of Nori sheets, we got rid of them before enjoying the delightful preparation. Wasabi was served alongside and one needs to be very careful with the amount one consumes.thumb_img_20160820_230942_1024

Main course had Veg Burmese Curry served with Jasmine rice. This coconut milk based decicacy was infused with spicy Asian herbs and predominantly lemon grass. This dish is our favourite at most places and Chi Na Chi Ni managed to raise the standards.thumb_img_20160820_235111_1024

Korean Noodles were boiled noodles topped with stir-fried exotic veggies like zucchini, bell peppers, baby corn, carrots etc. in spicy Korean chilli paste.thumb_img_20160820_232202_1024


Chocolate Dimsums was a commendable experiment by the chefs here. Very thin cover encloses chocolate sauce with choco chips and nuts. The dumpling bursts in your mouth with loads of chocolate. This dish is apt for chocolate fans. The salty cover neutralises the sweetness of chocolate giving it the required mildness. Awesome!thumb_img_20160820_235928_1024

Mango Sago With Candied Cashew nut was served in shot glasses. The contents include cooked sago that is mixed with coconut milk primarily flavoured with mango pulp and vanilla ice cream. The sweet is garnished with cashew nuts. The sourness of mango with sweet vanilla ice cream blended well and the crunch of cashew nuts added body to the dessert.thumb_img_20160820_220409_1024


The servers are very courteous and were trying to cope up with warm smiles for the late arrival of the dishes on the day of launch when every seating space in the restaurant was fully occupied. They are well organised and are receptive to feedback.


The restaurant is a part of a 5 star property at Kharghar and stands upto the reputation of the hotel. The interiors are elite and the place gives a feel of a classy fine dine. The Asian cuisine gives a lot of opportunity to diversify and this place has lived up to the taste and authenticity of food to the most extent. Bearing in mind the genre of the place it is extremely pocket friendly. The drinks are exceedingly cheap though not very delightful; one could keep them as company through the meal. Staff is warm and always keep a smile.


Tom Kha Soup, Coriander Chilli Dimsums, Beijing Style Corn Custard, Burmese Curry And Chocolate Dimsums.

PS: If you haven’t watched Sorabh Pant perform before, find his next show and head straight (Least, you tube him)

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View my food journey on Zomato!
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