Lower Parel over the past few years has developed as a hub for eateries and pubs in southern Mumbai. A decade ago there was little the area had to offer but today every compound, which once belonged to a textile mill has transformed to a commercial space for high-end brands of furniture, apparel, jewellery etc. Raghuvanshi Mills, which is also an established market for furniture now boosts of multiple eateries and Belstone is another addition to the good food scene!

We were invited for a weekday dinner and here’s the tale!


The interiors are interesting with majorly a rustic look, vintage car like seating, Irani café style chair with upholstered seats, low laying seating with roll pillows, abundant lighting and amusing captions. They have a seating capacity to accommodate all sizes of groups be it a meal for two or a batch of 30. They also have a banquet that can accommodate 100-150 pax. Private dining areas are made with a quite flexible setup. They have a large area with a lot of free space to encourage easy movement and also to let you tap your feet without a demarcated dance floor. We were quite impressed with the way they have designed the space.

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Mango Pulse is a simple drink that made us feel nostalgic. It is served in a glass cylinder that gives the feel of drinking from a Channel Chance bottle. It tastes amusingly like mango bite in a liquid form. Good try!


Khulja Sim Sim is an amusing name that takes you to the world of mystery and you start expecting some magic on your table right from the time you have read the name. Well, the same provoked us to order this drink just to satiate the curiosity of what will be presented to us. There appeared a red box on our table which when opened oozed out fumes. There were 4 bottles inside, each with a different drink. There was water based strawberry ice tea, soda based strawberry orange, milk based kesar aam and canned cranberry juice.

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Saza Ya Maza is a very interesting concept based drink that you can enjoy with your group. The drinks are served in shot glasses around a miniaturised roulette. Everyone takes turns and depending on the number they have to pick up their shot. There are 2 drinks one is spicy (Chilly Mojito) with actual green chillies in them and other is sweet (Black Currant Mojito). So be a sport and pick your drink.



Nachos With Beans are served the healthy and tasty way by replacing regular nachos with spinach nachos that are crisp and fresh. The beans are baked and further loaded with salsa and cheese. We liked this healthy variation.


Dry Manchurian balls are appropriately tossed with the right amount of sauces but we would appreciate an increased amount of garlic, as that is the crux of this dish. The vegetable dumplings are quite flavourful.


Tomato Basil Soup was a little too sour for our taste buds. We passed this one.


Andar Kuch Bahar Kuch are pockets filled with different fillings. There are three types of fillings like Chinese, Mexican and Italian. Each type of pocket is accompanied with a dip to compliment it. So there is surprise in every puff as you can find out what is inside only when you eat it. The restaurant forgot to get us Chinese puffs so it was an even bigger surprise for us in our expedition to hunt for them.


Pav Bhaji Tawa was presented on a mini tawa that is placed on a sigree to keep the dish warm till you relish it. The mashed veggies taste brilliant with perfectly used spices. Few are modern eateries who can get their Pav Bhaji right but at Belstone we loved the concept and the prep.


Paneer Shashlik Sizzler was served on a miniaturised Spade (the ones used in the garden for digging), yes really! Very thoughtful! The presentation was commendable but the taste did no justice. The sauce was on the sweeter side, the cottage cheese was grainy and the veggies were unseasoned.



Although the desserts menu is under construction they served some vanilla ice cream with chunks of brownie, nuts and chocolate sauce. This combination can rarely go wrong. We enjoyed this one!



The management is enthusiastic about their new venture and that is evident from the output. The servers do their job well and are on their toes all the time.


It is not easy to find a lavishly spaced restaurant that is located in one of the most prime areas of the city. They have thoughtfully done the space where they can accommodate groups of various sizes so it is truly large group friendly. Even the menu is flexible in terms of portion size as per the group size. Along with being a vegetarian restaurant, Belstone also has a pocket friendly menu as compared to other joints in the area of the same genre. They have a vibrant environment and play a good mix of feet tapping numbers. It is a place for all age groups. The presentations are innovative and the food to the most part is good.


Mango Pulse, Saza Ya Maza, Nachos and Pav Bhaji Tawa.

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View my food journey on Zomato!
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