Maein zindagi ka saath nibhata chala gaya, Har fikar ko dhuen mein udata chala gaya!!

Who would have known that this famous song from the early 60’s sung by legendary singer Mohammad Rafi would stand so much ground for the youth of today. We are coming from the fact that hookha has become a part of the urban culture at Indian metros and is being consumed by people of all age demographics but more prominently the youth. Fumes is an addition to the rekindling smoke scene of Mumbai and they seem to be putting up a good show.

We had a chance to try their food on an invitation and here is the tale!thumb_IMG_20160727_202705_1024


Flamboyant vinyl flooring with a teak wooden finish has been used around the place. Two types of wall papers clad the walls, one that look like a book shelf and other gives the wall a chesterfield leather finish. Both of them gave different dimensions to the place making it illusive and interesting. They have comfortable seating arrangements with designer sink in chairs and multi colour printed, fabric upholstered sofas. The interiors are brightly done and we quite like them. The place is correctly lit with yellow lights. They have put up a television screen to keep their visitors hooked. Only thing they could work on is better ventilation as it gets a little smoky with hookha smokers around.thumb_IMG_20160727_201836_1024


Women Walking is the name of a drink, yes it is. We wonder why such a name but men will not order of this one for sure. It’s got Litchi, Blue Curacao, Lime juice and Limca. This drink is a delightful twirl for limca lovers. Quite decent!thumb_IMG_20160727_203343_1024

Served in a tall glass the Virgin Mojito rests in a bird cage. Amusing! They place small chunks of lime and finely chopped mint to give you a burst of flavours. Well blended!thumb_IMG_20160727_203124_1024


Crispy cottage cheese is the panner chilly we were craving since some time. They toss it well here with appropriate flavouring. Red, green and yellow bell peppers along with onions are chopped into small pieces that make it more satiable. We dislike the big chunks served at most places and we often leave them unconsumed but they were correctly sized here and we finished them all. Just a little more seasoning would not have hurt. We loved it!thumb_IMG_20160727_203523_1024

Samosa Videshi started tickling our taste buds right from the time we sighted it on the menu. Couldn’t resist ordering this one and that turned out to be one of the best picks of the evening. Potato filling in the samosa was generously spiced. It was topped with curd, sweet and spicy chutneys, thick sev, masala peanuts and rose caviar. All came together to create a fantastic dish. MFT Recommends!thumb_IMG_20160727_203549_1024

Panini Grill had a good filling of cheese and exotic veggies. Being engrossed clicking stuff, by the time we had the Paninis they had run cold so the cheese had hardened and the flavours could barely be distinguished. We suggest, enjoy this one hot.thumb_IMG_20160727_203705_1024

Mushroom Galouti is minced mushrooms cooked in Hyderabadi spices topped with smoked hung curd. This one is not very impressive.thumb_IMG_20160727_215436_1024

Desi Masala Papad is a regular roasted papad in mini form topped with finely chopped onions and tomatoes.thumb_IMG_20160727_212800_1024

Gunpowder Aplam is served on the back seat of a miniature cycle. Thin and crispy papads were topped with gunpowder. Not very impressive. thumb_IMG_20160727_215530_1024

Pickled Potatoes were hung curd and achaari flavour marinated baby potatoes. The marination tasted very well but the baby poatatoes were very big and that’s why were not well cooked and flavoured inside. We managed to scrape through all the marination and lick every single bit of it.thumb_IMG_20160727_222752_1024

Fumes provides 2 menus, one is their own and other is from Panaya (the restaurant adjacent). We liked most dishes from the in house menu but the neighbour’s dishes were not satisfying. We suggest going by the menu of Fumes.


Divine Bloom came from the kitchen of Panaya. The concept is interesting wherein a white chocolate ball is placed in the centre of the dish and hot chocolate is poured over it. This ball then blooms to a flower and further melts. Inside is a heart shaped pink coloured cake. Well a lot of surprise but we were not impressed with the way it tasted. Only what tastes well, ends wow!



The servers are a bit under trained but are on their toes to serve you. Nothing very impressive but none to complain about either. As observed, the sheesha service was quick and well attended.


This place is good at what they are known for. They have many innovative options one could try. They are also very decently priced inspite of the locality they are placed in. They have good servings in the short menu they have and you don’t need to borrow the neighbours menu.


Crispy Cottage Cheese and Videshi Samosa
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View my food journey on Zomato!
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