How does every individual perceives what they see or hear is subjective. Few might agree that eating non-vegetarian food should be taboo while the other few would be ready to slaughter the former and then there would be few who are Vegan. What is correct or incorrect, cannot be generalised and neither does it have to be. So what do we do when we are in a sticky situation to make conclusive actions? The answer is, take lead from Salman Khan’s closure lines on Big Boss show and “Do whatever you want to do man!”

We say Quattro does a lot of drama around their food. Few might think it is positive and the rest few otherwise. Would we lead ourselves to any conclusive results? No! So everyone should find out for themself!

Now we have a review to write but you don’t be judgemental. Here goes the tale!


Quattro’s decor is a pleasant mix of old school and modern interiors. They have used leather upholstered seating which gives the place a sophisticated look. The place is unconventionally lit. They have used sleeper wood ceilings around the cassette air-conditioning units that add to the décor. One will see a combination of dark and light colours around the place balancing each other and the yellow lights give the interiors a fine dine feeling.

On Thursdays they have a guitarist who dresses up in traditional Mexican clothes and moves from table to table lightening up the evening. He is happy to sing your favourite songs that could be in Hindi, English or even Spanish. He does not just keep himself to singing but is a witty man with a good sense of humour.

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The drinks at Quattro are sure showstoppers; do not forget to order your favourite flavour. We ordered for two of their creations.

Kiwi Cola Cooler is served in a small sipping glass and it is amusing to sip from it. Since the quantity the sipping glass can hold at a time is small, they provided with a packed refill and you pour to will. This concept is rather different from the other places where the glasses are loaded with ice and by the time you finish your drink the taste is diluted with melted ice. We loved the cosmetics and the drink. This drink has kiwi syrup diluted with coke giving it a very different and desirable flavour. Nitrogen fumes adds magic on your table.


Apple Basil Cooler was the second drink we were served and we equally loved it. The presentation was same just the mix was different. This drink was soda based and had fresh basil leaves. The flavour of green apple was more prominent and the colour of the drink represented the same.



One will be taken aback when they serve Minestrone Tea Set soup until they explain you that it is edible. This is a tangy tomato soup served with a green tea bag, pasta, parmesan cheese and other condiments. They place a plastic bag filled with dehydrated veggies on which they pour this soup. Don’t worry, the plastic bag only appears to be of plastic but is actually made of potato starch that is edible and melts with the hot poring soup. The idea is very innovative and a lot of experimentation has gone behind the soup. However, the flavour of green tea did not stand out much because of the extra tangy taste of the soup.


Chilled Melon & Feta is a fruit based salad that is served in the dramatic molecular gastronomy way with all the fumes pouring out of a flask as if it were coming straight from a chemistry lab. Well the dish is a sure delight for salad lovers. Scooped watermelon and muskmelons are rolled with roasted pine nuts and cheese and skewered on a stick. They are further dressed with balsamic vinegar caviars that add a good tangy flavour to the fruit salad. Crunch of broken pine nuts add a pleasant feel balancing the fruity effects. Fresh lettuce and basil leaves balance the colour palate and give more definition to the salad.

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Mexican Spiced Queso was one of the best serves of the evening. We loved every bit of this dish. The dish had Mexican spiced broccoli, chipotle paneer, red, yellow and green bell peppers topped with chilli oil foam, all this presented on a mini barbeque station. The broccolis were absolutely fresh, cooked and marinated with perfection. Even a broccoli averse person could fall for this one. The cottage cheese was lavishly coated with chipotle sauce and tasted fabulous. We couldn’t neglect the bell peppers either and managed to finish them all. The barbeque station keeps the veggies hot so one could calmly eat this dish without worrying. What a creation!


After these dishes an array of dips arrived on our table. There were 4 Mexican dips and 4 Italian dips. Every dip was a standout and we actually dint even need a dish to gobble them. Even some nachos would be the best accompaniments. The Mexican dips included fresh tomato salsa (superb), Habinaro spicy (fabulous), Green Tomatino (loved it) and Litchi and peach salsa (sweet). The Italian dips included Italian pesto (wow), Aglio Olio Garlicky (our favourite), Olive taponate (very fresh) and tomato cruda (amazing).

Risotto Palle is an interesting dish that comes with tubes filled with sweet chilli oil inserted in fried balls. The filling is of lightly cheesy risotto and the cover is crisp. We quite liked this one.


Corn Cakes Avocado Salsa has dehydrated corn and avocado salsa. The foam used to garnish is made of sour cream. Greasing is lavishly used in the dish and is prominently felt with every bite.


Tex Mex Loaded Skins has baked potatoes as base that is filled with asparagus, corn and cheese then topped with sour cream. The filling is desirable but the potato base is not as pleasing as it could be if fried.


Bruschetta were topped with majorly cherry tomatoes that made them tangy and soggy. Basil foam was used to garnish on the dish. We passed this one.


Smoked Cottage Cheese Jar was our next serve. This dish has been newly introduced in their menu. The dish comprises of mashed cottage cheese, garlic and spinach; got together in a ball that is then batter fried. We found the smoky aroma to be overpowering all other flavours.


How about a molecular platter? There were three different molecular gastronomy creations presented to us on a platter. They have tried to keep the taste same while changing the form and providing a molecular experience. We tried their Olive Burst, Bocconcini Mary, Caprese di Quattro (Zucchini Pesto Mozzarella). We found all of them to be extremely concentrated and having them at one go fills up your mouth with something that’s not satiable. We showed bravery towards tasting them.

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After we ate all their recommendations we decided to order for our all time favourites Pink Pasta and Aglio Olio. The Pink Pasta was high on the red sauce quotient making it tangy. Agio Olio looked mouth watering and only a pinch of salt could have done the magic.

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We are vegetarians but at the same time we are dessertarians as well!

After the long spread, we had spared some space for our sweet tooth. At Quattro they have a separate menu for deserts with images and trust me it could turn out to be one of the difficult choices you have made in your life. Well we managed to pick three.

We just don’t want to look back and think “We should’ve eaten that”.

The Chocolate Saturn appeared like a beach presented to you in the form of edible chocolate. A golden sphere is placed in the middle of a textured black plate; surrounded with seashells made of white chocolate, bronze chocolate chips and cookie dust. Omg! That is some preparation with chocolates. Hot chocolate is poured on the golden sphere until it melts to disclose some more chocolate. Well, about the taste of the dish, the performance around the dish had already melted our hearts so the decent taste was accepted willingly.


Tres Leches has been our favourite since most of these new eateries have added it to their menus. Well, here the Tres Leches are served in the most traditional way. Toffee sauce and custard are decorated on the edges of the plate while in the centre lies the star, sponge cake. A small bottle full of a mixture of three types of milk: evaporated milk, condensed milk and heavy cream; is placed alongside the sponge cake. We liked this preparation.


“I am starting to think that maybe memories are like this dessert. I eat it, and it becomes a part of me, whether I remember it later or not.”
― Erica BauermeisterThe School of Essential Ingredients

Chocolate Dunkers. How would it be to have an edible colour palate for desert? We had it at Quattro. The presentation surely wins hearts and is definitely innovative. Served on a plate are tubes with sauces pouring out, green coloured caviars, vanilla ice cream and chocolate filled rolls. The sauces were flavourful and the rolls were delicious.



The servers were on their toes to make our experience perfect. The staff is well trained and they serve every dish with love. The manager was there to assist us with every dish and seemed very passionate and sensitive about their servings. They served every dish with pride and that was seen in their gestures. It is good to have the servers who share the passion of restaurant with the visitors. They had put in a lot of efforts to make our experience a good one and we really appreciate that. We recommend Thursdays to visit this place on account of the live guitarist who would raise your regular dining experience to a splendid one.


There is a lot of drama in this place that makes your dining experience lively. The molecular experimentations they boast have a few hit and a few misses. On a visit to Quattro one should try their creations rather than going with the stereotype dishes.


Kiwi Cola Cooler, Apple Basil Cooler, Chilled melon & Feta salad and Mexican Spiced Queso.

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View my food journey on Zomato!
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