Spukies, Mumbai (Delivery Service)

If you ask us what is your best experience in life, we would say that one rainy afternoon almost five years ago that completely drenched us in its heavy hustle while we overlooked the ripples of a still calm sea at a pier just outside Mumbai. It might not sound like an ideal fairy tale but we might remember this day for the rest of our lives. It was an experience that we cannot justify in words but the experience that Spukies bestowed on us has to be told and here goes the tale!


Achari Paneer Wrap was the first dish we had that hungry evening. They had replaced the maida roti to a wheat one in order to avoid a soggy and chewy experience. The wrap was flavourful and was loaded with fresh cottage cheese. The prominent flavour was of mustard oil as used in pickles. So pick this one if you are fond of the achari flavours.


Kadhai Paneer was one of the best we have had from a delivery service. It got us drooling. The paneer was soft and the gravy had amazing flavours with the right amount of spices. The capsicum and onions were minced and thus were not cluttering the dish like the Kadai paneer at most places does. We strongly recommend this one!


Peshawari Chole Masala was another delicacy served by spukies. The chole are well cooked in chatpata masalas. Dark brown colour is given to the dish resembling authentic appearance. The cholas are moist with appropriate amount of gravy. Amazing!


Laccha Parathas are soft and well prepared. They go well with the veggies and are a good choice for home delivered food as they don’t run soggy or chewy.


The Classical Dal Khichdi is a chef speciality dish at Spukies and so we decided to order this one instead of rice options. The first bite into it told us that it truly is a special preparation. It is prepared in the authentic way with the magic of chefs fingers. It is a basic preparation without being spicy yet has a burst of Indian flavours in your mouth. Must try!



Chocolate Walnut Fudge was an absolute sinful indulgence. After completing the entire meal we had a sweet fight for this one. We only kept wishing for more of it. This one is an awesome try! We would sound a little greedy; but they must increase the quantity of their fudge portion. They have used dark chocolate with the right amount of sweetness. The consistency of the fudge is perfect and the walnuts add a joyful crunch to the melt in the mouth fudge.



Spukies being a delivery service the experience we had from the placement of order to the timely delivery at our door step, was impressive. They delivered sharp on promised time and the food exceeded expectations despite the long distance they had to cover to get it delivered to us. They proposed using wheat rotis instead of maida to make sure we have a good experience, which most delivery places don’t take care of. They also added a dessert to our order after we had forgotten to order one and we would have really missed something if we had let this pass. They use microwaveable disposable containers of good quality and provide disposable cutlery too. Very importantly the quantity of food delivered per portion is sizable.


Overall the experience was extremely pleasing. Timely delivery and delicious food is a fabulous combination and you get it all here. Spukies is by far one of the best delivery places we have tried in a long time!


Everything we ordered!!!!

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View my food journey on Zomato!
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