AnnCensored, Mumbai (Lower Parel)

The other day I stopped a truck driver who was thrashing a man on the street only to find he was my friend Karan. I failed to understand what could have Karan, who does not drive or ride, would have done for a truck driver to beat him. The answer was a hilarious one. Apparently he was trying to catch a Pokémon under the truck when the driver mistook him to be a guy who was trying to puncher his vehicles tyres. I was failing to understand, how amazing could this game be? So I downloaded the game only to delete it in a day.

I guess AnnCensored is like Pokémon-Go to me. After seeing all the hype around the place for a long time our visit did not live up to the expectation. We were invited to review them on a Friday evening and here is the tale!



Lower Parel is cluttered with many joints of a similar genre giving the guests a lot of options to pick and choose. As you enter AnnCensored you will find a lot of energy in the place with dim lighting and music. There is a long community table in the centre with bar stools where we were asked to seat ourselves. The bar stools are extremely uncomfortable and shaky. The table in the front has some cube like structures underneath which keep obstructing one cannot rest their legs on them. We suggest the visitors to take other options if available. There is some sofa seating that looks the most confortable in the space they have. There is a very interesting concept of replacing sofas with swings, the concept is interesting but we are not sure how comfortable it would be while you dine. The lights are done innovatively again with inverted utensil illuminating the space, we like this concept. They probably need a better DJ for a couple of songs were being played on loop all through the evening. The decor overall looks impressive but guests comfort has not been given the right importance.

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Virgin Mary Guava was a little watery making it light in flavour. A little stronger flavour could have made the drink better.


Virginia Caprioska was a correctly sweetened drink but was overly minty. It is an average drink.



Crispy Aloo With Sago Dana Pop Corn, Malgapodi And Fresh Coconut is a small plate dish served in small portions to start your course. It is more precisely sabudana with potatoes, which are crisply cooked have a sweet spicy flavour. They were slightly oilier than they should be and we found them to be chewy as well. However the flavour of spices and coconut milk stood well.


Three Melon And Feta Salad With Pine Nuts And Orange Ginger Dressing is ideally meant to have three kind of melons but here due to unavailability of melon it was replaced by mangoes. The available melons were not sweet either and couldn’t cope up with mangoes being a part of the dish. The salad also lacked dressing and tasted prominently of black pepper. Pine nuts added crunch but the orange ginger dressing made it bitter. We passed this one.


Mushroom Pea Soup With Ricotta Served With Baby Naan is a flavoursome soup with a pleasing taste of mushrooms topped with ricotta cheese. We just wished for the soup to be a little less watery for it to be close to perfection. The accompanied baby naan was soft and well cooked but lacked salt in it.


Malai Mushroom, Shishito pepper, Amul Cheese Fondue and Garlic Crumb has scooped mushrooms filled with minced mushrooms topped with cheese fondue. The mushrooms are tender and they just vanish in your mouth. It is a fantastic preparation with light flavours and fresh mushrooms. Must try!


Roasted Baby Potato Bravas, Potato Mousse, Black Olive Dust, Smoked Paprika is a decent preparation of scooped and roasted potatoes stuffed with mashed potatoes and dusted with black olives, laid on a bed of tomato onion salsa. The roasted potatoes were not well cooked but the potato mousse tastes well with the salsa. A little more seasoning could have added grace.


Ratatouille Stuffed Baby Baingan, Lababdar Gravy, Peanut And Anar Dana Churma was a very delightful dish with scooped baingan, which was extremely tender. Veggies and cheese in an Indo-French gravy were oozing of the baingan. The gravy was medium spicy and tangy. We loved the flavours and enjoyed it with tandoori roti. Wow!


Pumpkin And Kale Golyachi Amti (Maharashtrian Besan Kofta Curry) was yet another innovative dish which managed to please us. Small balls of mentioned ingredients were marinated in tomato onion gravy with Maharashtrian flavours. This one was amongst our favourite dishes of the evening.


Tandoori Rotis are eggless as proudly mentioned by the servers and being vegetarians we loved the emphasis. The breads were soft and correctly baked.



Orange Cheese Cake, Raspberry Coulis, Honey Tuil tasted absolutely like orange cream biscuit we had as kids. It does have crumbles of biscuit and was presented well. We were not very convinced with the raspberry coulis (thick sauce) in combination with the orange cheesecake. This desert is served with dry ice so you will see all the fumes drama around it. Just about ok.



The servers were a little over burdened with the inflow of crowd being a Friday. We had ordered for another mocktail, which never arrived. We had requested to move us to a comfortable seating as the bar stools were extremely uncomfortable which could not be facilitated and all this on a day when we were invited to review them. The staff was incompetent to explain the concept of AnnCensored and the story behind the name. They were otherwise well trained to explain the dishes and sequentially serve what they had prescheduled to offer.


The place has a lively atmosphere to spend an evening and the food to some part is good. The service needs a little more polish. The seating has to be reworked, as they are extremely uncomfortable even for a short span of time.


Malai Mushroom, Pumpkin And Kale Golyachi Amti and Ratatouille Stuffed Baby Baingan

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View my food journey on Zomato!
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