R-Adda, Mumbai (Juhu)

While I was pursuing my graduation at a junior college in suburban Mumbai we used to be a bunch of friends who jammed together at a little joint outside college. Like every gang, we had our set of singers, smokers, foodies, soft targets, bull shitters, just about drinkers, cricket maniacs, pranksters etc etc etc. While college was about to end, we told each other that we will always keep in touch and meet every now and then. Then time passed and we got busy in our respective lives making new friends, pursuing further studies, taking up jobs, starting our own ventures, relocating overseas, attending tomorrowland, going scuba diving, weekend partying, getting married and everything else on planet earth. All that we did not do is take a walk down the memory lane and call some of those buddies who were so important at one point of our lives.

R-Adda made me feel a little younger, like I was still in junior college. Brought back memories of the college, which was our Adda back then. If we were to ever hold a reunion it would surely be at R-Adda.

We went to them for a bloggers meet and they will now see us pretty often.



Located on the top floor of Ramee Guestline in Juhu, the lift opens to a strong fragrance of massage oils. Stationed right besides the spa, R-adda is an energetic place, which lets you unwind. High wooden tables and bar stools occupy the centre space while there is some cosy couch seating on the periphery. The walls have some interesting one-liners that catch your attention. There is a smoking zone, which serves sheesha (hookha). They have a modern open bar, which is elegantly designed serving some premium liquors with innovative presentations. They have screens at all viewing angles to help you not miss the game. This well lit place gains more momentum from its groovy music.



Lipstick Mocktail is as interesting and amorous as its name suggests. The name adds a naughty hint to the drink and one is tempted to order this notorious sipper. It’s a beautiful blend of strawberry crush with mint. We liked the tangy refreshment and were tempted to try more of their blends.


Hookah Lemonade is a nostalgic drink with prominent Paan Pasand candy like flavour. The drink is garnished with a fresh paan leaf. The blends include paan, green apple, lemonade and lime. The drink is incredibly strong in flavour and needs to be sipped slowly through the evening.


Orange And Basil is a fresh mandarin orange juice drink with a hint of basil leaves and treated with lime, sugar and soda. We loved this one for the affection we hold towards mandarin oranges. The mix was utmost pleasing.



Onion Rings were one of the finest we have had lately in Mumbai. The onion rings were crisp and non oily. At most places deep fried dishes tend to retain a lot of oil, which is not taken care of by chefs, but here at R-adda the excess oil was wiped off to save some guilt of a foodie. Masala was sprinkled over the crispy rounds, which added to the savour. MFT recommends!


Kurkuri Noodles Bhel reminds me of college days where we used to relish this really spicy and crispy Chinese bhel. The Chinese bhel at R-adda is lightly flavoured with Chinese sauces and veggies. The noodles were crisp and did not turn soggy even after a while. We thoroughly enjoyed this one. Must Try!


Hara Bhara Sliders are hara bhara kebab tikkis served between decently soft buns. The sliders were not one of the best we have had but yet tasted quite decent. It lacked some moisture and flavours.


Chatpata Baby Potatoes are true to the name, CHATPATA. Marinated potatoes are tandoor cooked and served with coriander chutney and raw onion rings. The marination is perfectly spiced making the baby potatoes mouth watering. At most places baby potatoes tend to taste bland as the core remains unmarinated but at R-adda they are able to perfectly balance the taste leaving you mesmerised.


Pav Bhaji Fondue was the star of the evening. We are street pav bhaji people and are difficult to please but this one was just aptly made like the way a Mumbaikar would like it. There is no cheese, like other pav bhaji fondues and the bhaji is not pasty. The veggies are mashed and not pureed; also the spices are just perfectly used. The bhaji is served in a fondue dish and pieces of buns are supplemented along with chopped onions to be dipped in the veggie and cherished. We were impressed finding an eatery of their genre serving some really delicious pav bhaji. Must try!


Mumbai Ka Don (Wada Pav), gram flour battered potato balls are placed in fresh mini breads (pav) and topped with cherry tomatoes. This Mumbai delicacy is served with extra sweet (meethi) and spicy green (teekhi) chutneys. This dish is very close to a Mumbaikar’s heart and is found at the corner of every street. We have grown guzzling these almost every other day and we love the street ones better than any restaurant could serve.


Paani Puri here is served in the most local way. They serve a mini paani puri thela (cart). The spiced water of paani puri is the main component of this dish but we are afraid that the paani here was very low on flavours and the other chutneys did no justice either. Mint chutney and Meethi chutney were served alongside boiled chanas. This one could be skipped.



The staff is energetic but unpolished. Considering the space is new they might need to rehearse with attending to guests. Well we give them that scope as they otherwise serve you with a smile and are active to respond to your orders. The only thing that lacks in their service is personalised attention to guests needs.


R-Adda is a place full of energy with good music and happening vibes. The interiors are lively and will lift up your mood. Most of the dishes are delicious and are capable of tickling a Mumbaikar’s taste buds. We were nostalgic about most tastes and are sure to frequent them for our favourite picks. Nothing gives us a high other than scrumptious food and R-adda has left us with a hangover.


Pav Bhaji Fondue, Chatpata Baby Potatoes, Kurkuri Noodles Bhel and Onion Rings.

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View my food journey on Zomato!
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