Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden, Mumbai (Bandra West)

Childhood, the best days of our lives! When I was a little kid we used to live in a residential colony that had two storied row houses where everyone knew each other. I used to eat at the neighbours house and they used to be happy to host me any day. All festivals were celebrated with euphoria and zeal as everyone gathered in the large common gardens in front of our houses. My mother never worried about who and where I spent my playtime. My father took me for a joy ride on his Bajaj scooter everyday before he started for work and came home for lunch.

Today I live on the twentieth floor of a high rise and barely know or speak to any of the fellow residents. Leave aside socialising with neighbours; we barely pass a smile in those few minutes spent in the elevator. My mother calls me up every evening to check how bad the traffic on the streets is and how long it would take me to reach home. Neither dad nor me can go back home for lunch. But what I miss the most is the fun we had in the evenings in the garden right across our house.

Not that Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden is filling in for any of that but the last word of their name still makes me nostalgic!

We went to them for a scheduled weekday bloggers meet and here’s our take from the evening.


KBG, located on the second floor of a two-storied building at Bandra’s Hill road, cannot be missed even in passing. Quite thoughtfully done interiors which give the place an earthen charm. They have dry tree like structures erected all over the place to give more definition to the name Beer Garden. Wooden tables and chairs fill the place and are very comfortable. The chairs peculiarly have just one armrest and it is not just to make it look different but out of personal experience, it increases accessibility. A prominent sizeable bar grabs your attention to the right as you head in through the door. The place is rightly lit for you to let loose.



Beer! They serve seven different types of draft beers as per the menu and the beer lovers at the table were served four of them in shot glasses to try and pick from. They help you out with food-beer paring unlike any other place we know. Now we wouldn’t be able to give you insights of their brews being not able to taste any but from what we gathered at the table, the rest of the lot loved the beers. They also served some beer cocktails called the Beertini in a martini glass and a Beerrita in a margarita glass.


Virgin Mojito is the best-sipped drink that complements any meal. They had managed to mix it pretty well and the freshness of mint leaves evidentially added more life to this well dressed drink.


The Fruit Punch was also a drink that we quite enjoyed and teetotalers can surely look to order this one.


Virgin Pina Colada has got it’s audience and is always a respite for many of us from the anti-alcohol community.



Paprika Paneer arrived at the table after a little wait and we were absolutely famished after a long day at work. It disappeared from the little platter in no time. The paprika spiced creamy gravy was quite amusing and took us by awe but the paneer had to paid attention to. Served with two slices of garlic bread, which was palatable.


Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden Special Pizza came loaded with red and yellow bell peppers, green and yellow zucchini, marinated onions and cheese. A thin crust was perfectly baked only to make us like this one.


Guacamole Hummus With Pita was a combination of Pita bread with chickpea hummus, guacamole and salsa. The Pita was amazingly soft and impressed us. We enjoyed all the three accompaniments too that had the common characteristics of being fresh and engaging.


KhowSuey has been our love for a while now and we go hunting for a good one all across the city. This one was somewhere between decent and good. Served in a large bowl along side fried onions, fried cashew, chili flakes and boiled noodles it looked surreal.


Paneer Shashlik was very well presented on a plate full of lemon flavoured yellow rice and skewered paneer along side red, green and yellow bell peppers topped and accompanied by Shashlik sauce. The rice and shashlik sauce were quite nice but the paneer was a tad bit hard and chewy.


Veg Manchurian Dry is our all time favourite and we had a chance to order it this evening. The Manchurian balls were rightly fried without excess oil. It was flavourful and correctly spiced. We quite enjoyed this one.


Garlic Bread with Cheese is the safest pick at most places but some manage to make them really well. KBG are from the latter. Loaded with cheese these were melt in the mouth pieces of garlic flavoured bread.


Spaghetti in Pink Sauce was ordered as the last dish to fill the last unoccupied space in our respective tummies. The sauce was just perfectly blended and the veggies were fresh. We should have ordered for our favorite penne instead of spaghetti but this does not take away anything from the dish.



The staff is prompt and diligent. They are quick with their servings. We were kept company by Jinali who played the perfect host and had a soft corner for us vegetarians. The bartender was kind enough to come around and give us a quick snapshot of their servings. Our table was personally supervised by a young enthusiastic lady, Ms. Shraddha Pamnani, who co-owns the place. She was very passionate about her work and that reflected in the culture of the restaurant. She was hungry for feedback and receptive towards suggestions.


We had a fun time at KBG and had this been a weekend it would have got even crazier. With the various types of beers and beer cocktails it is a must go for those who love the beverage. Good food and crazy partying are byproducts of the place.


Virgin Mojito, Paprika Paneer, Guacamole Hummus With Pita, Veg Manchurian Dry & Garlic Bread with Cheese

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