Farzi Café, Mumbai (Lower Parel)

“The beginning of an end” or “The end of a beginning” Think about these two sentences, one begins with a positive and the other with a negative but what do they reflect is to every individuals perspective to read between the lines.

Who would have thought that a word of Urdu dialect which literally means fake would be translated into another feather in mumbai’s party scene by Massive group of restaurants most pocket friendly venture the Farzi Café. Located amongst a gamut of food, drink and fun places at Kamla mills, Farzi café stands out for two important reasons, its vibe and its legacy.

We visited them for a full house lunch meal experience and here is the tale!


A rustic ambiance with intricate designing is what sums up Farzi café. The place is clad with cement jalis to give it a rustic look. Wooden tables topped with glass that gives it a distressed look. Art leather upholstered wooden chairs and bar stools that look good but are not the most comfortable ones (we were seated on bar stools). A prominent bar and great music add the necessary flavor to the place.



Litchi Panna Desire With Kafir Lime is a fantastic combination of litchi flavour with aam panna. Kafir lime gives the drink its charm. We jingled to this sweet and tangy teetotaller’s drink. thumb_IMG_5232_1024

Farzi Ok is made with fresh Californian orange juice, vanilla syrup and a hint of kafir lime. This drink is responsible for making us crapulous. thumb_IMG_5234_1024

Creamy Mint Royale is mixed with apple juice, and apple chunks topped with mint froth. We could breath a bubble gum like flavour that did impress us. thumb_IMG_5265_1024

Strawberry Lemonade is a good mix for strawberry lovers. It is a blend of lime with strawberry syrup carbonated with lemonade. We would prefer other mocktails to this one.



Dal Chawal Aranchin are balls made of dal and chawal topped with achari mayo and papad rolls. The traditional dal chawal has been given a commendable twist while maintaining the basics and using the much-loved accompaniments. We completely adored this one.


Mini Raj Kachori With Okra is a mix of the tongue tickling kachori flavours and chutneys. To add a twirl, tamarind foam was used to garnish the discs. The crunch of fried okra tossed in nylon sev is overwhelming.


Tandoori Margarita Kulcha is an attempt to make an Indian version of the much loved margarita pizza. It seemed like a pizza packed in a kulcha with all the specialities of a cheesy margarita. Good try!


Goat Cheese Walnut Tikkis are fried balls with an overload of cheese. We found the taste to be overpowering of goat cheese, which is not of our liking. We would suggest these only to folks who like the taste of goat cheese.


Mushroom With Truffle Sauce is gonocchi mushrooms with green and yellow capsicum along with cheese. They use whole pieces of black pepper, which gets unpleasant. The dish lacked some character.


Tomato Soup, a rusk is placed at the bottom of a wide bowl to top it with thick tomato slurry. The soup is also accompanied with panner chunks at the bottom. We were not impressed with this one as the rusk got soggy and soaked the little moisture from the tomato soup making it even thicker. The flavour was not impressive either.


Green Curry Paneer Tikka is a dish with panner chunks flavoured with green chutney and lemon grass. One of the pieces had high content of lemongrass whereas the others had moderate making the dish imbalanced. Cottage cheese was chewy and hard.


Palak Paneer Quesadilla made with south Indian spices is an immense mishmash of North Indian, South Indian and Mexican flavours. The palak paneer laid between mini Malabar parathas has a hint of southern spices and is accompanied with cucumber and water chestnut salsa. It is a uniquely made dish with invigorating flavours. The Malabar paratha is a little sugary adding a sweet twist to the dish when the salsa adds tangy fun.


Palate Cleanser was very captivatingly served on the twigs of a tree from where these nitrogenised curry leaves and mustard seed flavoured khandvis popped out ready for a grab. These were impressive in appearance and innovatively different but not palatable. thumb_IMG_5283_1024

Aglio Olio tossed in coconut milk based sauce was different from the regular aglio olios but it managed to satiate our palate. It was served with tomato chutney, which did not compliment the dish but tasted very well in isolation.


Cauliflower Bhaji With Buns is basically amchi Mumbai special pav bhaji put-up glamorously. We loved the way they served this dish. The buns were served in the toy truck and the bhaji in a deep clay baked bowl. The mashed veggie tasted well and the buns were fresh. The serving style is inspired from the German concept of delivering buns in a truck.



Rasmalai Tres Leches was the most mesmerising dish of the meal that after its successful run at Masala library had made its place on the Farzi menu as well. We indulged in this one committing the sin of overeating. Rasmalai was layered with carrot cream, which stole the show. The milk base was saffron flavoured and more like condensed rabdi. We loved this one and will surely go back again and again for a guilt trip.



We went to Farzi Cafe on a busy Sunday afternoon but the staff could only manage to place us on a small but cosy table. The servers were happy to make us taste their delicacies and were receptive to feedback. They are well trained, jolly, indulgent and informative.


Farzi cafe is a concept towards affordable yet fancy gourmet dining. Spread across India this chain of modern Indian bistro has a traditional global cuisine with elements of molecular gastronomy. It has predominantly Indian flavours with a twist of modern culture. All the drama is available at pocket friendly rates making the place a frequent visit. 


Dal chawal Aranchini, Cauliflower Bhaji with Buns, Mini rajkachori and Rasmalai Tres Letches.

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View my food journey on Zomato!
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