Soho Tapas Bar, Mumbai (Andheri West)

In the early nineteenth century when Spain was moving from absolute monarchy to constitutional monarchy the European roads were in a bad condition and Spain was no exception. Along the old roman roads dating from the middle ages opened up small inns and eateries that served quick bites for the travellers and soldiers. These inns served quick nibbles for them to eat on the go. The concept of Tapas originated form these very inns only to become a part of Spanish tradition. Dinner in Spain is usually served between 9pm to 11pm and to extinguish the hunger between work hours and dinner Spaniards go bar hopping and eat what has now come to the Mumbai’s bar scene with Soho Tapas Bar.

Soho is set out to woo you with its chick ambiance, out of the box nibbles and delectable drinks!


Easy to locate this resto-pub is a breath of fresh air. The owners have used their skills and accolades to design the place to their own will without any external intervention. The place is bifurcated into an air-conditioned interior and quite a large exterior. The interior has quite some open space for you to shake a leg while holding onto your drink. Upholstered chairs, sofa seating, wooden chairs with padded seats, bar stools are all very comfortable seating placed across wooden tables. The décor is very chick and neat. The backlit logo of Soho behind the beautiful bar is the place you want to click yourself. The branding delightfully placed is on almost every thing you get your hands on. A thoughtfully done and comfortable place!



Nutella Blend is a blend of nutella with milk served in a tall glass. A little more nutella in this drink wont hurt and would also satisfy a nutella lover’s palate.


Guava Mary had guava juice and prominent flavour of black pepper. The juice seemed slightly diluted while the pepper in the drink and the glass rim made the drink real spicy.


We were delighted when the Mir the co-owner told us that they could make any of the cocktails, virgin. To indulge in their buoyancy we ordered for Soho Expresso, virgin version of the originally Stolichnaya based espresso. The aroma of the drink when it was placed on our table had started to tickle our senses and we promptly took the first sip. An espresso shot had never felt so soothing. The taste and aroma had a lasting impression. The blend of caramel with espresso made by the magical hands of the bartender mesmerised us.


Mandarin Caiproska is a marvellously refreshing drink with the novelty of Mandarins, freshness of mint and tangy lime. It had the complete potential to overrule our experience of trying the average stereotype mocktails on the menu. This drink will be the reason for our repeated visits to Soho. It was a perfect blend and each flavour had its own distinctiveness. The sweetness, tanginess and freshness were all felt with every sip.



Deconstructed Patata Bravas had set very high standards for us after we first tried it at one of our favourite kitchens in Bandra so we ordered for this one. Well they were way different from the patata bravas there but these were the deconstructed variants and in haste we skipped reading the description on the menu. However we liked the aptly fried sweet potatoes, potato fingers and potato wedges. They were well flavoured with a sprinkle of spice on the top and accompanied aptly with yellow cheddar jalapeno sauce.


Quinoa & Risotto Arancini Balls were queued up on a white plate and topped with salsa. The crisp crusted balls had a filling of risotto and quinoa. The pesto and bell pepper salsa had a very balancing flavour to go well with the otherwise mild balls. Nice try!


Stuffed Pimentos de Pardon were chillies stuffed with cheese, mushrooms, bell peppers and black pepper laid on a bed of Feta Yogurt Dip. This was a good twist to the accustomed Indian potato stuffed chillies we relish. We thoroughly enjoyed this one until accidentally one of us had a seeded chilli. It was fiery hot and did not leave the taste buds until long. The owner on feedback was prompt to fetch us a watermelon juice to subside the spice. Very thoughtful! Well the watermelon juice was awesome.


Clay Oven Baked Wild Mushrooms had to come on our table for Sunday lunch for the love we feel for good mushroom preparations. The tandoori mushrooms were fresh and well marinated in Indian spices. Topped with tomato jalapeno relish the baked mushrooms created a splash of flavours in the mouth.


All these were our picks from the menu and the owner insisted on trying his suggestions.

Caprese Bruschetta are thin baked breads topped with tomatoes and mozzarella. They are crisp and appetising.


Farm Fresh Quesadilla at Soho is mushroom, zucchini, bell pepper with cilantro apple pesto wrapped in Mexican bread. The bread is soft yet crispy and the filling has superior flavours with apposite seasoning. This dish is accompanied with 3 dips and is served on a black platter.


Zucchini Rebozado are zucchini lollypops protruding out of a glass and are garnished with parmesan and hot chipotle adobo. They are accompanied with batter fried baby spinach. One could pop on these balls one at a time. Rebozado is a Spanish word, which means breaded. Here Zucchini is well minced and then coated with breadcrumbs before being fried.


Penne pasta in pink sauce was customised for us as per request. One can have their choice of pasta in choice of sauce. The mix sauce was overloaded with cheese, which is not expected in a pink sauce pasta. It dint quite impress us. The accompanied garlic bread was impressive though.


Spagetti Agio Olio is tossed in exotic veggies, cheese and olive oil. The spaghetti was a little over cooked and the flavours could not splash any magic. This dish tasted average and we passed it after a couple of forks.



Churros are Mexican fritters, which is a fried dough snack. It is served with caramel and chocolate sauces at Soho. They are fantalicious and should not be missed here. It is celestial construction, which will keep you asking for more. Make sure you order your own portion; sharing this one is a sin.



The staff greets you with a smile. Is prompt and attentive but not diligent and assertive. They over looked our teary eyes on biting onto that extra spicy chilli until the owner had to step in with a glass of watermelon juice. Nonetheless the service is good and we would not take away anything from them on this front.


Eat with your damsel, drink with your bestie, party with your pals! This place is just apt! Check out for their weekday specials or hit them on a weekend for some crazy fun!

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View my food journey on Zomato!
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