Gaylord, Mumbai (Churchgate)

1956 a leap year of the Georgian calendar saw the establishment of Gaylord at Churchgate and little did anyone know that it would stand tall for over six decades to become one of the most iconic restaurants in Mumbai. From hosting the superstars of yesteryears to todays new menu launch has seen them evolve while maintaining what they do best, serve good food!


Established in 1956, Gaylord which was frequented by our parents is a restaurant that maintains the old school charm with its evolving yet stuck to the basics furniture, lights, décor etc. The chairs and sofa’s in the interiors are still comfortable with their heavy foamed upholstery, kept alongside linen clad tables. The large mix media paintings clad to the walls, majorly depicting women, bring more life to the place. The chandeliers add further to the classical look and feel of the interiors. The exteriors have been redone with metal chairs with padded seats, Italian marble topped pivotal stand based tables and a green marble flooring. The classical look is retained.






Drinks are a very vital aspect in construction of a satisfactory meal experience. At Gaylord’s we had Watermelon & Spicy Guava, Mango juice and Mint Mojito.

WATERMELON & SPICY GUAVA is a very uplifting drink with fresh watermelon and guava juice that will tickle you with its spice as you gulp it down your throat.


MANGO JUICE was a pure mango extract with no added sugar and it certainly was a delight right from the first sip.


VIRGIN MOJITO ordered at the beginning of our meal arrived only when we were more than half way through and after three reminders, only to be served spiked. A quick replacement did no good either. Blunder!


VEG KULFI KEBABS served lollypop style on a sugarcane stick and presented in shot glasses with sweet chilli sauce at the bottom did look sumptuous. The sauce was a little tangy due to an intense flavour of vinegar, which subsided the flavour of kebabs. The next bite was without the sauce and the kebabs were magic. Mixed minced vegetables and spices (majorly garam masala) were shaped into a kebab and deep-fried.


DAHI CHEESE ROLLS are presented in china clay spoons placed synchronised on a platter. The filling is majorly of cottage cheese and cheese. The flavour was a little bland for our palette. We loved the way it was presented and a good-looking dish starts to satisfy you even before it reaches the mouth.


APPLE & PRUNE SALAD is a rich salad with abundance of apples and prunes presented on a black platter encircled with mandarins and salad leaves for cosmetics. The salad is a very good innovation but the dressing overpowers the taste of basic ingredients.


CHATPATA ALOO was the rockstar of the new menu. Boiled potatoes, well marinated and cooked in Indian spices. It has the perfect flavours and the chatpata quotient is very indulging. It is well supported with Indian breads.


THE ASSORTED BREADS are freshly baked and served hot. The olive naan requires a special mention. It managed to impress us with the lovely taste of black and green olives.


VEG BIRYANI was cooked in a metal pot unlike the chicken dum biryani. It was rich in content with visible saffron strands, fried onions and other veggies. The biryani was very flavourful but it lacked even traces of any gravy. It was accompanied with garlic-flavoured curd, which complimented the biryani very well. The curd is worth a try.



KHUMANI KA MEETHA is a very interesting Hyderabadi preparation by the chef. It is a sweet dish made from dry Apricots, which are soaked in water for long hours. It was served with all the fun fare of nitrogen fumes, this is a show stopper.


CARAMEL CUSTARD, an age-old Portuguese preparation is best made at Gaylord. The deserts at Gaylord just kept us asking for more and are bound to be a reason for our future visits.


We were invited for reviewing the new menu which they launch every year to introduce new arrivals. We were provided space on the mezzanine level, one section of which was good enough to accommodate a large group of 15-17 like ours. The staff is well trained but not diligent. They goofed up with our drink by spiking it instead of serving it virgin as requested. The dishes they served as a part of the new menu came in perfect succession but the ones we ordered took a long time and repeated reminders, which hindered the experience. The staff kept shifting the dishes from our table to another without humbly requesting or seeking approval to do so. However the chef did a good job and his passion for cooking was evident in his gestures and the food. Also an interaction with the owner gave us insights about the place and highlighted his passion to run the restaurant irrespective of his larger gamut of other businesses.


Gaylord is a legendary place and has built its story in this evolving world. While lot has changed in Mumbai since inception of Gaylord, this place has kept pace with the change. To adapt to the changing trends in the hospitality industry they add new items to the menu every year maintaining what they already serve to keep their patrons hooked. While they are evolving we still love them for what they have been serving for years, good food!


Chatpata Aloo, Olive Naan, Khumani Ka Meetha, Caramel Custard.

Ambience: 4/5

Food: 4/5

Drinks: 4/5

Service: 3/5

Overall: 4/5

Visit Again: YES

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View my food journey on Zomato!
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One thought on “Gaylord, Mumbai (Churchgate)

  1. I never got to visit the Gaylord though the name is familiar and evokes nostalgia as my uncle often recounts the many fond memories of the place when he worked there and had befriended Rajesh Khanna just before he was to shoot up to the sky as the first superstar of Hindi films. I must visit it on my next visit. Thanks for reminding.

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