Hardrock Cafe, Mumbai (Worli)

Hard Rock World Burger Tour 2016 is being celebrated from 1st June to 31st July at all Hard Rock cafes across the globe and we were invited to have a sneak peek into the menu before it was open to Mumbai’s burger lovers.

As an element of the World Burger tour, visitors can participate in an exciting contest, a burger-eating marathon called the Burgerthon. As per the contest all the enthusiasts can pick their favourite burger from the menu and are tested on their burger gobbling skills. The one, who finishes fastest, wins! This is an inter cafe contest and is held across all outlets in India. It is really thrilling and fun to be a part or even just a spectator of the Burgerthon.

We had some fun time cheering fellow bloggers and the members of the HRC team who participated in the Burgerthon and more than that relishing the legendary burgers from around the world.

From the designers perspective!

The worli outlet has a ground level and two separate elevated areas. The segregation is done importantly for the café to serve as a family restaurant, a lively bar and a place for live band performances. The walls have some amazing display of memorabilia and collectables from the rock world, which gives the place a charismatic ambience and makes it distinct. They have large pictures of the famous rock artists put vertically across the place. The chandeliers are also made of musical instruments. They sport an industrial look taking inspiration from the late 60’s, the era when rock music was revolutionised. Apart from the interiors, the music is sure to get you twirling. Wait for the staff’s performance to YMCA.


Picture Credits: Pallon Daruwala

Drink it baby!

Well, most of their drinks are the spiked ones as expected but they are equipped to make the same ones best suited for teetotallers. We ordered for All Jacked up and Sweet & Fiery. Until the drinks arrived we kept wondering if they could actually make those cocktails without the good liquids and still pull it off well but as they arrived we were delighted.

Sweet & Fiery is well presented and garnished with a dark red chilly haunting you at the first look but those looks are deceiving. The flavour is sweet and not at all spicy with a mix of ginger and blue curacao syrups along with lemonade. The drink is refreshing and goes pretty well with the burgers.


All Jacked up is a mix of honey with pineapple juice and lime juice giving it a tangy flavour. We enjoyed this one as well with the burgers.


For the love of food!

Worldwide the burgers are liked the non-vegetarian way but Hard Rock has come up with vegetarian options, taking in consideration the Indian food inclinations. Yes they have succeeded. Burgers have been an integral part of Hard Rock’s menu since inception and they have added four more feathers to their vegetarian spread. They have introduced Mediterranean Veg Burger, Lebanese Veg burger, Caribbean Veg Burger and Mexican Quesedilla Veg Burger.

Mediterranean Veg Burger has mediterrenean vegetables & spices infused grilled burger, laced with spicy mango aioli, cheddar cheese and fresh spinach slaw. It is a magical combination. We just loved the flavours between the breads. The burger tikki was very tasty and different than any other burger you must have had. This one is a recommend for our vegetarian friends.


Caribbean Veg Burger is a spicy burger with vegetables & brown lentils infused in caribbean spice and grilled. It has a garnish of quinoa and sunflower seeds beside cheddar cheese. This one is a little less moist and did not quite suit our pallet and moreover the carribean spice is not our thing.


Lebanese Veg Burger is a magnificent combination of falafel and hummus clubbed with lettuce, tomato, garlic aioli, veg pickle and cheddar cheese. This one is a very good pick for Lebanese lovers.


Mexican Quesedilla Veg Burger is a very interesting permutation of sweet corn, beans & vegetables flavoured with tangy enchilada salsa, swiss cheese, avocado & nacho straws. The enchilada salsa having a sweet tendency giving the burger its sweetish taste and the nacho straws placed above all toppings provides the crunch.


Burgers are best pals with French fries and both of them together make joy. We loved the fries here, as they were crisp and well seasoned.

How May I Help You!

The staff looks interestingly different adorned with Hawaiian props. They are very energetic and add to the fun vibes of the place. They are skilled at performing the YMCA dance, which is a major attraction of this cafe with global footprints. The service is pleasing.

Hawk Eye View!

Party hard, eat crazy, get sloshed! And that’s just Hard Rock. This place never disappoints. The burger fest is must go and the burgerthon is a good way to have some awesome fun.

Ambience: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Food: 4/5

Overall: 4/5

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View my food journey on Zomato!
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