Asado – The Cocktail Street, Mumbai (Bandra West)

Ferrari makes cars. Omega makes watches. Louie Vuitton makes apparel. Jimmi Choo makes shoes. Chanel makes makeup. Fendi Casa makes furniture. Dior makes perfumes. Cartier makes jewellery. Mont Blanc makes pens. Oakley makes sunglasses. Apple makes computers. Asado makes cocktails.

Not everyone likes all those brands but they still do what they do.

Although we missed what they do best, putting in perspective the rest.


From the designers perspective!

Placed on Khar, S.V. Road, this joint is evidently visible in the evenings with its eye-catchy back-lit sign board. From the outer, one sees a bamboo structure giving it the African look but as you enter, the story changes. They have 2 sections, one being completely regulated indoor environment and the other is outdoor area with a completely covered shed, brightness adjustable lighting and standing air conditioners so as to keep you away of the heat outside. The bar is a well-lit lively set up with hanging lights and bar stools. A television helps them bridge the gap between a resto pub and a sports bar. They choose to keep the interiors dim lit and has a large group friendly area segregated from the other tables. The bar continues to the inner section looking completely different and infusing the night pub theme inside.


Drink it baby!

Asado is known for its creative cocktails served amusingly but we, as our readers would know, are not the best people to review spiked drinks. So the bartender spun some mocktails for us, which were The Afterglow, The Sundowner, Nutella & Caramel shake and Caipirinha Zumba.

The sundowner is so beautifully poured into a glass that it actually looks like the poets description of the sunset or like that on an artist’s canvas. Mix it well and sip on it as you celebrate the evening.


The Afterglow is another pleasant looking drink loaded with ice and garnished with sweet lime. We let this one pass.


Caipirinha Zumba is served in a tall glass garnished with lots of mint and lime. It is more for mojito lovers but is not one of the best we have had.


Nutella & caramel Shake is was a blend of nutella in cold milk with caramel. This one lacked our favourite ingredient Nutella and thus we dint enjoy this one. The flavour of milk and caramel was overpowering so for those ordering it for the love of nutella do not expect a lot.


For the Love of Food!

Mushroom soup is our newfound love. Truffle Mushroom soup on the menu grabbed our attention and we had to order it. This soup is low on thickness and the flavour of mushrooms does not come out as beautifully either. Skip this one.


To start with the food we were served Tex Mex Potato skin, Truffle garlic Parmesan Fries, Habanero BBQ Cottage cheese and Healthiest Quinoa Veggie.

Tex Mex potato skin is a very interesting dish served on a wooden platter. These are baked and scooped potatoes with an intact skin topped with asparagus, corn, olive, jalapeño, tomato & cheese. We missed the Indian flavour of potatoes but still enjoyed the twist and richness of the exotic toppings.


Truffle garlic Parmesan fries is for finger chip lovers. It delivers pleasing flavours of our favourite ingredients, garlic and Parmesan cheese. French-fries with a twist and we thoroughly enjoyed them hot.


Habanero BBQ cottage cheese is paneer tossed in a fiery sauce. This one did not satiate our palette despite our love for cottage cheese. Cottage cheese was accompanied by French fries to balance the taste of spices and it did its job well.


We realised we had missed on some healthy salads so we ordered for Healthiest Quinoa veggie salad. This is a very well presented dish with an eye catchy colour combination of veggies and sauces. If you are not very health conscious, avoid this one.


Followed by Appetizers came Sautéed Veggie Quesadilla. This one was a good pick with well sautéed veggies filling inside Mexican bread. It was light on the appetite and high on taste parameters. It is served with garlic, salsa and cabbage slaw, which are apt accompaniments.


Being the Aglio Olio fans we are, we spotted an interesting option of Caramelized Lemon Aglio Olio Penne on their menu. We ordered for spaghetti instead of penne keeping the rest intact. This one was a fantastic combination of aptly cooked spaghetti tossed with garlic, olives, Asparagus, cherry tomatoes and seasoned with chilli flakes, caramelized lemon basil, parmigiano cheese and pinch of salt. We quickly gobbled this one.


Paella is an appealing dish made from bamboo rice cooked in saffron broth till perfection and one could choose their toppings. It is presented on a handled pan garnished with broccoli, cherry tomatoes and coriander.


Sweet tooth!                                         

Deserts should not be missed at Asado. They have limited options but one of the finest places to sweetly end your meal. We tried Banoffee pie and Tres Letches. We first ordered for only banoffee pie but after having it we had to call for another desert. Banoffee pie was extremely fresh and perfectly flavoured. It is topped with blueberry sauce along with the icing, which is in true sense a cherry on the cake. It vanished from our plate in no time.


They suggested we try the Tres Letches when we told them we loved the banoffee pie and it turned out to be a fabulous recommendation. This was a moist pastry soaked in a mix of evaporated milk, condensed milk and heavy cream. Delicious is an understated word for this one. Must try!


How may I help you!

There is well trained staff to make your experience comfortable. There is a reception right at the entrance and they escort you to your table. The staff is conscientious of your needs, also quick to make suggestions and serve you well in time.

Hawk eye view!

Asado is a new destination for Saturday evenings and is sure to add delight to Mumbai’s nightlife. One should order food selectively but surely drop in here for drinks and deserts.

Food: 2.5/5

Ambience: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Overall: 3.5/5

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View my food journey on Zomato!
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