Made In Punjab, Mumbai (Malad)

Guru Nunak a little over 500 years ago introduced the idea of lungur where people irrespective of their religion or social status would sit together and eat the same food. The entire purpose of the idea was to promote the world’s best religion, humanity. Even today the Golden temple in Amritsar plays host to over one-lakh food hungry souls. We choose believe the phrase “The way to a man’s heart is through is stomach” was coined by a Punjabi for they are the ones who can directly associate food to love. Made in Punjab has brought the same love from the towns of Punjab to Mumbai giving it a modern touch.

Our visit to Made in Punjab happened on a Sunday afternoon and we were bestowed with all their love!


From the designers perspective!

Located at the top level of this busy mall in Malad, Made In Punjab cannot be missed given its location and span. It has attractive and elegantly done interiors, which are absolutely potent to pull the crowd in. A courteous staff member warmly greets and escorts you to a table as you enter the place. The area is divided into sections in order to break the monotony of having a stereotype restaurant setup where the tables are lined up one after the other. They have a combination of fabric upholstered sofa seating, fabric upholstered wooden chairs, wooden tables spanning across the various faintly defined sections. With intricate jaali work partitions all around the place the modern Indian charm is glorified.


Drink it baby!

Le! tu punjab aya, te tujhe kisi ne lassi ni pilai? And so we were welcomed with mango lassi shots. This drink was not very thick to avoid killing ones appetite right at the beginning and had a tongue tickling flavour. We were keen to try their mocktails and we left it to the chef to spin their most special drinks for us. We were served Creamyrita, Mango chilli rocker and Raw mango mojito.


Creamyrita is an outstanding drink comprising of raw mango juice topped with cream. Cream added a delightful twist to the drink. This one is a star.


Mango Chilli Rocker was again mango juice infused with mild flavour of green chilli. This drink lets you enjoy the flavours of a spicy green chilli and its health benefits in a liquid form. This is the most pleasant form in which chillies could be savoured.


Raw Mango Mojito was another showstopper with lipsmacking flavours and to add to the fun it had small chunks of raw and ripe mangoes. We suggest you skip the straw to cherish it. This one is also a recommend.

We loved the mango treats and Made in Punjab goes a step ahead in bringing out the best of mangoes and especially raw mangoes. So many interesting combinations gave us a euphoric high.

For the love of food!

Well begun is half done! And the starters were just set out to prove the same. Being a part of a scheduled meal we were served chefs recommendations and little did we know that we were again set out to commit gluttony. To start with we had Crisp papdi, fresh mango and sweet potato salsa. Graced with a beautiful presentation this dish stole our heart at sight and the first bite into it made us go bonkers. An amazing combination of a crisp papdi topped with curd, tamarind chutney, sweet potato, raw and ripe mango is a sheer creation of excellence. Just pure love!


Veg Cheese Kurkuri with sweet mayo sauce was served in shot glasses. It had a crisp batter fried cover outside with cheese filling inside. With an extremely cheesy flavour and right amount of seasonings it tasted well.


Next came Tandoori Guchchi Mushroom with fennel chutney. How does one differentiate between the good and the best is derived from the precision shown towards work. The mushrooms in this dish are not bought from the supermarket a couple of levels below but are sourced from Kashmir only to be cooked and served on our plate. We loved the texture of these mushrooms and were delighted to try this different mushroom specie. The marination was very well done and the fennel chutney was cherry on the cake.


Beetroot Ki Tikki was served with raw mango salsa and garnished with tangy raw mangoes. It is a deep fried preparation but wasn’t one of the best serves from this meal.


Tandoori Broccoli is another delicacy by Made in Punjab. It has a fresh flavour of grilled broccoli and is topped with green and black olives. Unlike most places it is not marinated with tandoori masala but is crammed with cheese. We relished this one as well.


We had a mix of many flavours in the starters and before we jumped our guns with the next course they gave us an amusing palate cleanser. What could be a better cleanser than a chandan and kala khatta sorbet. We slurped this one while taking a ride to our childhood memories and sharing our stories with each other.


Now we were set to devour the main course but being able to spare only a little space in our abdominal cavity. Main course comprised of Dal Makhani, Paneer Tikka Lababdar, Malai Kofta, Sarson ka Saag with Makki ki Roti alongside jaggery and desi makkhan. Assorted breads were accompanied with specialities like Guchchi kulcha and Beetroot kulcha.


Dal Makhaani does require a special mention as it was the best dish from the main course. We gobbled our respective bowls only to find ourselves asking for more but the ‘papi pet’ did not let us do so.


Melt in the mouth paneer cooked in an orange gravy is definitely worth incorporating in a meal at Made in Punjab.


Malai Kofta was sweet by the mere definition of its name. Served in an extremely presentable way it looked drool worthy and tasted as good.


Sarso ka Saag with Makki ki Roti was served alongside gud (jaggery) and desi makkhan (hand churner butter). The Sarso ka Saag was well made and was refreshingly tasty while the Makki ki Roti that was topped with black and green olives should have been a little thicker going by the textbook.


One should try Guchchi kulcha only if they are mushroom fanatics as it has a flavour of only mushrooms with no other prominent tastes. The Beetroot kulcha is a slightly better try.


A meal is incomplete without rice so we completed the course with Guchchi Pulav. They cook the rice in the same water in which the dried black morel mushrooms are boiled. This gives the rice its colour and flavour to suite the name. We passed this one as the overpowering flavour of mushrooms dint suit our taste buds and for an extremely full stomach.


Sweet tooth!

Desserts at Made in Punjab cannot be missed however stuffed you are. So here we committed gluttony by ordering and licking away three of their magical deserts. The first one was Crispy Jalebi with Lachha Rabdi. This one is a must have! Thin freshly made jalebis placed on a wholesome laccha rabdi and presented in a martini glass. Sheer delight!


We were recommended the Mango Kulfi that was the chefs favourite and it couldn’t have got better.


The Kesari Rasmalai was better than any of the sweet speciality shops could serve. Looked delightful, tasted even better. Do not miss it!


How may I help you!

Few are places that give the kind of service that Made in Punjab incorporates in its culture. The warmth towards guests and the passion towards food are commendable. One of the finest food experiences we have had for a long time. They are an ideal example for any business related to the hospitality industry.


Hawk eye view!

Unless they transport you to moon for a candle lit dinner how could an experience be better than this one. Engineered by good food supported by great service and ambiance they are one of the best in town!

Food: 4.5/5

Ambiance: 4.5/5

Service: 5/5

Overall: 4.5/5

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View my food journey on Zomato!
View my food journey on Zomato!
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