Pa Pa Ya, Mumbai (Lower Parel)

This one time for a dinner date she took a very log time to get ready for the evening. Wait! Actually every time for a dinner date she takes a very long time to get ready. Why? Probably because it is very important to look good. Pa pa ya is just like that damsel who serves some amazing looking food every single time. Well this was our second visit to the food paradise and like they always do, nailed it!

From the designers perspective!

As you enter the restaurant placed on the third level of Palladium mall you would be awed by the way the interiors are done. Tasteful modern interiors that are artistically done to create a perfect ambiance. The 3D structures created all across the place represent molecules giving more definition to the concept of molecular gastronomy. Wooden tables set alongside leather upholstered red coloured chairs give the place a more vibrant look.

Drink it baby!

Quite a few mocktails were served at the table namely Spicy delight, Exotica, Pine ginger passion and Papaya (not mentioning the cocktails as we did not try any). They are msters of molecular gastronomy and spun few of the best tasting and visual drinks for us. Being a non-alcoholics we are usually not very amused by the mocktails most places serve but this was a compete turnaround. Although all drinks were amusing, the virgin Gopapaya and Pine ginger passion were our best picks from the evening. They kept us sipping all through the evening making a better drink every single time.




For the love of food!

From the drinks we shifted base to the Sushi matrix and there we were introduced and enlightened about the availability, technique and facts about veg sushi. Multiple types of sushi were served on a wooden matrix. It was a very artistic way to serve sushi along side a drink, which complemented it. Chef selection of sushi rolls comprisised of asparagus cream cheese roll, spicy shitake rolls, tofu arancini and diakon stuffed with sushi rice. This is quite a nice try!


Crispy lotus stem were served on a rock shaped platter. This are japanese lotus stem which are thinly sliced and dehydrated tossed with smoked honey chilli and topped with black and white seseame seeds and togarashi powder on top comes along with avocado cream on side as a dip. They could have been a little more crisp but the flavouring and taste was amazing.


Sauteed leeks, water chestnuts are delicious 4 peices of dumplings with beetroot infused wrappers, stuffed with sauteed leeks and chestnuts served on the bed celery, spring onion and chilli dip with yuzu soya foam on top as garnish.


Asian margarita pizzette is their version of a japanese pizza with corn tortilla which are toasted with tomato basil sauce spread on top with button mushrooms, edamame pods, jalapenos and cherry tomatoes along with drizzled wasabi mayonaise and paramesan cheese. Just about decent.


We missed the name of one of the most amazing serve from the evening. The Mushroom dumplings. With a crisp outer open shell you dig out the lovely filling and then fall in love with it.


Edamame and chick pea sliders served on a toy hummer is an innovative way to serve something that’s called a slider. With white bun and a crisp patty they taste quite decent.


Penang Curry was deep fried spiced tofu balls served with mild spiced Malaysian curry and rice. Coconut milk gave the dish more of the Malaysian flavor that it had. Engaging!



Yaki udon noodles were japaneese style wheat noodles with good flavouring and an amazing taste. We even did a second round serving of this one.


Mapo tofu were chunks of tofu with dehydrated veggies served with the black bean sauce poured on the periphery of the dish at the table.


Beer battered avocado tacos were served on a wooden platter that kept them upright with the fillings staring at you in the eye asking to get your fingers dirty. These are japanese-mexican style of tacos stuffed with beer battered crispy avocado, corn and scallion kimchi topped with mozzarella cheese. We managed to consume this one wholesomely without any regrets.


Sweet Tooth!

Chocolate ball on fire is a big chocolate ball stuffed with 4 scoops of vanilla ice cream, chocolate ganash, cheese cake cream served on the bed of coffee cream and lots of cookie crumble and almond crumble flambed with 15 ml of cooked alcohol and later poured with toffee sauce on top. The best thing about this one is its presentation.



How may I help you?

Just what you expect from a massive restaurant group venture, Pa Pa Ya has the best spoken staff who makes your meal an experience. Each one of them knows minute details of every single dish they serve. They are receptive to feedback and caution you on some of the out of the box serves that the Indian palette does not generally appreciate.

Hawk eye view!

Happiness is Pa Pa Ya! And that sums it all.

Ambiance: 4.5/5

Service: 4.5/5

Food: 4/5

Overall: 4/5
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View my food journey on Zomato!
View my food journey on Zomato!
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