1441 Pizzeria, Mumbai (Fort)

Every time we get a photocopy done we ask the boy across the counter to give us a Xerox. Every time we need petroleum jelly, we call it Vaseline. Every time we enter a hot tub we call it a Jacuzzi. Every time we visit the chemist for a bandage tape we call it a Band-Aid. So there are people who do different things and then there are people who do things differently. 1441 Pizzeria belong to the latter.

They have successfully pioneered the concept of make your own pizza in Mumbai and couldn’t have done it any better. This given weekday we had an amazing time at the pre-launch of their Fort outlet and now have another story to tell.


From the designers perspective!

1441 Pizzeria after a successful run in the suburbs had opened doors very close to the Lions gate at Fort. The illuminated signboard is attractive enough to grab your attention and drag you in. The place has wooden tables with wooden chairs and high stools. The walls are given a rustic look to give the look and feel of an authentic pizza place. They have an open kitchen and you can gaze at the chef make your choice of finished product. Well-lit and casual interior gives the guests a pleasant dining experience.


For the love of Food!

We were invited a couple of days prior to the official opening of the place alongside fellow bloggers. One of the staff members gave us an overview of the place and the concept (you can ask for it and they will be happy to help). We were told that they let their guests make their own pizzas by choosing the desired toppings in the desired quantities. It was amusing as we haven’t come across a place that lets you fully customise a pizza.

We were served dough balls at the table as a recommend. These dough balls are crammed with butter and baked to perfection. They were topped with paprika and accompanied by two dips. We loved the dough balls so much so that the dips were neglected and we almost fought over the last one. Must try!


They also have a couple of pizzas with predefined ingredients for lazy people like us who do not want to take the effort of getting a pizza customised. We decided to try the Alfredo pizza to avoid the effort and it was a pretty good decision. The bread is topped with Alfredo sauce, bell peppers, spicy potatoes, shredded mozzarella and barbeque sauce. We never knew potatoes could savour so well on a pizza and the barbeque sauce added to the fun. The pizza was made thin crust and was baked crisp to our liking. This one was an incredible pick.


With a good first pizza experience we rolled up our sleeve to get the next one customised. We ordered for a gourmet pizza. The chef prepared the pizza base right while we watched him do so and passed it to the next chef who helped us with the sauce and toppings. We choose mammas sauce and Italian sauce for the base and topped it with mozzarella. For the toppings we picked onions, jalapenos, olives, green chillies, tandoori paneer, caramelised onions and sundried tomatoes. Our pizza was loaded by now and was passed to another chef for wood firing. Here we were given a preference of crisp or regular pizza and we chose crisp, hands down. We were given a token for them to identify us and serve the pizza at the table.


Sweet tooth!

We had been seeing pictures of the Nutella pizza for a while now and couldn’t leave without having it. A soft pizza served with nutella topping and a piece of fruit on each slice looked mouth watering with the icing sugar garnish. We really loved this one.


With the success of the nutella pizza they have introduced a new prep on the menu called the chocolate dough balls. We were exited to try these and they did prove to be quite decent. A little more chocolate would not hurt though.


How May I help you!

The service here is quite structured. The process of making your pizza is well organised. The staff is well trained, diligent and prompt to serve your needs despite the heavy crowd. They have a loyalty points system wherein you can grab exciting pizzas for free after multiple visits that earn you points.

Hawk eye view!

A lively ambiance, choice to make your own pizza, amazing deserts, good service sums up the place.

Ambience: 4/5

Food: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Overall: 4/5
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View my food journey on Zomato!
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