Hoppipola, Mumbai (Malad West)

If I could save time in a bottle,

The first thing that I’d like to do,

Is to save every day, till eternity passes away,

Just to spend them with you!

-Jim Croce

The last word from the first stanza of Jim Croce’s amazing composition is “You” and the definition of this word may differ from person to person. For some it could be their childhood sweetheart they married or their parents or that friend they seek. But what are most important are the memories that you earned through your life. Hoppipola is set out to touch the brightest corner of you memory line, your childhood. And they best serve you what you were not allowed to drink back then.

From the designers perspective!

Located a level above the food court of Infinity mall at Malad, Hoppipola has carved a place where the Manchester cafe once stood tall. The appearance had started to impress us as soon as we went up the escalator from the food court. The decor is done in combinations of yellow, blue and white colours. The designing is done thoughtfully to bring back childhood memories, for instance the table we took had blackboard top instead of a regular table top and a niche on the table held chalks for one to scribble on it. We played X0 and the dot game which we had not played for a very long time, awesome fun! They have a lot of board games as well which you can play with your pals. They are large group friendly place and have interesting setups to accommodate your gang. Rest of the place is a mix of high tables with bar stools and mid-sized tables with tall back chair. The glass walls are colourful with contemporary style jalis. With toy plains hanging from the ceiling the place has a positive vibe and is very lively. They have a smoking area right outside the gate to facilitate something that they say, kills!




Drink it baby!

More than half of their menu has options for spirit lovers and were disappointed to know that we are teetotallers but yet they managed to astonish us with their mocktails. We ordered for Wingardium leviosa and Nutty Fruity.

Wingardiem leviosa is a spell that comes from JK Rowlings best seller book Harry Potter. This spell makes things fly and this non-alcoholic strawberry based drink topped with beer butter did make us fly. Magic!


Nutty Fruity was our first favourite. It was made of pineapple juice, pineapple chunks and slices of lime. It had a much known flavour from childhood days and was very stimulating. It was again amazing and we enjoyed it till the last sip. Interestingly, water was served in dairy bottles which were again a go down to the memory lane sight.


For the love of food!

Their menu is quite fascinating and the description of dishes mentioned under each name will surely bring a smile to your face. The endeavour behind making the menu appealing is evidently seen.

We were offered a tasting menu which had small portions of most of their vegetarian offerings. To start with, we were served a platter with Smoking Carlos, OMG, The Harrisan Paneer, Beet the hummus and Paneer Sanskaari Tacos.


Smokin carlos were crispy fingers on the outer and with a cheesy filling inside. They were served with Salsa a dip. We were not very impressed with the flavours and passed this one.


Next bit into OMG, arguably the best mushrooms as per its description but we are afraid it was not satiable to our taste buds. The mushrooms were not fresh, smelly and undercooked with an unpleasant flavour without an intervention of any other balancing ingredient. These were crispy balls enclosing a mushroom. Naa!


We were very courageous to taste the next appetiser that was The Harissan Paneer. Huge chunks of cottage cheese inserted in a long toothpick were soft but not well marinated. It was raw panner coated with uncanny spices. We passed this one as well.


Then came Paneer Sanskaari Tacos. These were fresh and crisp tacos filled with cottage cheese which was cooked in Indian spices complimented with the regular taco fillings and garnished with mint mayo. This dish was an Indian twist to the Mexican Tacos and we quite liked the twist. This one is a recommend.


Beet the Hummus is served with assorted breads and two types of hummus. One was the regular chickpea hummus and a beetroot hummus. The hummus lacked moistness of olive oil and the breads were not very soft, however the dish was satiable.


After the starters we wanted to play safe with rest of the meal so we decided to go with not very experimental dishes. We ordered for Aglio Olio, pink sauce penne pasta, margarita pizza, Slider Hotato and pita with hummus.

Aglio Olio, a good mix of spaghetti tossed with olives, capsicum, mushrooms and zucchinis. The seasoning was appropriate and parmesan cheese did the magic. It was a good dish and a nice try.


Choice of pasta was available and we chose penne pasta in pink sauce. This dish was an absolute delight. We loved the precision of flavours and savoured this one till the last bite. This one is a must order dish at Hoppipola.


Margarita pizza was with few toppings of capsicum and olives and a lot of cheese. The cheese was so elastic that spider-man could consider it as a replacement for his webbing. It reminded us all the physics laws we learnt in school about tensile strength. We passed this one after the very first bite.


Potato Slider was potato tikki, onions and mint sauce placed between a bun accompanied with fries. The buns were not very soft and the tikki tasted just about average. We have had much better sliders. This one can be avoided.


How may I help you!

We were assigned dedicated personnel to take care of our experience through the evening. He was very indulgent in the beginning but as the evening progressed he was inattentive and not to be seen (no there wasn’t a lot of crowd on this given weekday). This affected our experience to a large extent but the fact that the other staff was somewhat attentive and fairly took care of our requests through the evening cannot be neglected. The staff can add more energy to the place which was lacking.

Hawks eye view!

The decor is impressive and the drinks are amusing but for food you have to be really picky or it would take your experience for a hurl. Besides all this is only until you are sober so be sure to first order your favourite drinks and go crazy with them!

Ambience: 4.5/5

Food: 2.5/5

Service: 2.5/5

Overall: 3/5

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View my food journey on Zomato!
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