Zulu Terrace, Mumbai (Andheri West)

Zulu is the largest ethnic group from South Africa that spread to the neighboring countries and we wonder how they landed up on a terrace at Andheri west smoking Hookha, eating delicious oriental, Italian, Indian food and sipping on the best of mocktails/cocktails. If they skipped all the other joints in the lane so did we to enter this place for an evening that we now have a story to tell about.

From the designers perspective!

Located in the lane frequented by restaurants, eateries and pubs, Zulu terrace is not a stand out by appearance but is a definite standout by their servings. The place as the name suggests is located on a terrace of a one storied building and is done up very casually. Just what you expect of a sheesha place, the wooden tables, upholstered seats, dim lighting, canopies for the daytime and fans to cool you down. They also have a low laying seating area for you gang of pals.

Drink it baby!

This summer evening we found ourselves so deprived of liquids that we tried almost all their mocktails. Started with a special one off the menu, the watermelon mojito. Refreshingly cool watermelon taste with a natural mint and lime flavouring.


Virgin margarita kiwi served in a glass with a salt plated rim was also a good pick and did not last long on the table.


Virgin guava marry is the renowned spicy guava and there is little that can go wrong with this drink.


Pina colada was spun well and had the right bend, texture and taste and it is one of our favorite drinks.


Gateway sunrise was also quite a good pick. We liked this soda based, orange flavoured drink.


Zulu punch was one of the best drinks given our love of strawberries and also a filling one.


For the love of food!

Started with the stereotypes, their nachos were called Over The Top Nachos. The right amount of cheese and toppings made us like the nachos and we hogged away this first prep served at the table. It will serve as an amazing accompaniment for folks who order sheesha.


Paneer corn seekh kebab were soft and flavourful. They do not mash the corn unlike most other places for you to chew into the whole corn and enjoy the texture. It was rightly spices and cooked.


Sicilian Arancini Di Risotto came with an amazing presentation. Deep fried risotto cones laid on a bed of red arrabiata sauce. We were expecting it to be overly cheesy like cheese balls but they presently surprised us here. The taste was delicious and we would order these on our next visit too.


Pita bread with four different types of hummus served on a platter was a visual treat. The house made pita was extremely soft and fresh. The four different hummus were namely the chickpea hummus, jalapeño hummus, parsley hummus and black olive hummus. We liked the jalapeno hummus the best but there could have been little more olive oil to make it moist. Nice try!


Then arrived the best dish of this meal and something that got us completely hooked. The tandoori mushrooms were divine and we could not get enough of them. We are sure to get cravings of these ones.


Penne cooked in red and white sauce was another star of the evening. Served with two garlic breads, right amount of sauce, correct seasoning and exotic veggies this was again delicious.


The four seasons pizza with different topping across the slices was served warm. It had mushrooms, corn, spinach and eggplant toppings done exclusively on two slices each and olives done overall. The pizza did not go very well with us.


Thai curry with burnt garlic rice was quite decent tasting. They serve the dish pre-plated unlike other restaurants that serve the rice and curry separately. The curry was quite decent but we should have opted for the standard steamed rice instead of the burnt garlic rice.


The Grilled veggies in spiced barbeque sauce was served alongside rice cooked with bell peppers. Zuchini, bell peppers, corn, onion and cottage cheese skewered and topped with barbeque sauce looked more appetizing than they were.


A meal without any specific paneer dish is no meal. Ordered for Paneer Tikka Masala and Butter Gralic Naan. This was prepared to woo any typically Indian pallet and we were wooed. Spicy tangy red gravy with fairly soft paneer went amazing well with the naan.


Sweet tooth!

After that list of food that went above we had barely any space to try their desserts but since it was our friend’s birthday it was thoughtful of them to arrange for a birthday cake and celebrate with us. Any of the desserts couldn’t be sweeter than this gesture.

How may I help you?

Chef Azaan Ali kept us informed of the servings and helped us make our picks too. He overlooked the kitchen personally and was diligent in taking feedback for every dish. Looking at the neighboring tables we realized that the staff responsible for sheesha is also very diligent with coal replacement and timely cleaning of the sheesha.

Hawk eye view!

Just the apt place for sheesha lovers and when you club it with good food and drinks it is a killer combo!

PS: Why is their name Zulu terrace? Hahaha! Who cares!

Food: 4/5

Ambiance: 3.5/5

Service: 4.5/5

Overall: 4/5

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View my food journey on Zomato!
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