The Daily Bar & Kitchen, Mumbai (Bandra West)

A little over eight years back there were was a young boy leaving his teens to enter a Mumbai based management institute to pursue a masters degree in finance. Only a hundred meters away in another building was a damsel enrolling for her postgraduate degree. Little did they know that two years from then they would be the part of the same lot of students who would be hired by a multinational bank with roots in the US of A. By this time they did know of each others existence but were far from the fact that they would be spending the rest of their lives with each other. That’s just us and this is almost the story that we share with The Daily. Not sure how many times we have passed The Daily without noticing it and now that we know of their existence we are in love!

They have found a solution to peoples drinking problem, abundant choices and great deals! We went there for the food and they have got us hooked!

From the designers perspective!

As you walk in to the exterior seating area you have a choice to occupy a table there or move up the ladder to a regulated environment indoors. The exteriors are large group friendly and suite better as a good dining experience space with comfortable seating whereas the interior are more casually done with bar stools & high seating suitable for some rounds of drinks and nibbles. Both the areas are equally pleasant but we chose the interiors for we prefer regulated environments. Elitely done Italian marble top tables, comfortable bar stools and sofa seating, designer ceiling (with framed newspapers), and a prominent bar sum up the interiors. Done in shades of grey it gives the interiors a European look.


Drink it Baby!

They were disheartened that we were not trying their cocktails as we picked two of the mocktails from the menu. Opted for the Masala Nimboo and Little Foot. Masala Nimboo was a coke based drink with chat masala and lime. It is rightly said that the best things in the world are the simplest. Served in a tall glass this drink kept us good company all through the meal.


The Little foot was served in a cosmo glass. It is a mix of guava juice, tobasco sauce, lime and pepper. We did love this one too and even managed to finish it before the food arrived. Yay!


For the love of food!

The menu read mushroom cappuccino soup and the name itself sounded so interesting that we had to order for this one. Served in a large deep plate this soup was the star of the meal. Mushroom soup with the froth on top and a little garnish of coffee powder. It tasted just fantastic and is a must try at this place irrespective of you orientations for mushrooms.


We were recommended Three Melon salad. It has three kind of melons namely watermelon, musk melon and green melon scooped into edible balls. These balls were well tossed with lemon mint dressing and pine nuts. Every bite was so bracing that we fell in love with every ingredient. Again a winner!


As Patatas Bravas came to the table it had already started to impress us with its looks and after the first bite we were more than impressed. Absolutely delicious potato pockets stuffed with ratatouille veggies. It was served with spicy herbed sauce, which was a perfect match. Every bite had the crisp of potato and richness of exotic vegetables. Do not miss this one.


For a vegetarian, a meal is incomplete without cottage cheese. Cottage cheese placed between super soft and amazingly fresh bun and veggies was the Cottage Cheese Slider. Some things are better experienced than told. It is accompanied with French fries and mint chutney but we suggest that you do not waste your appetite on the sides, just relish the sliders. Try this one and get ready to be patrons at The Daily.


They have a section on their menu where they let you make your own pasta. We chose our favourite Aglio Olio. It was spaghetti pasta tossed with garlic, exotic veggies, cheese and seasonings. This one was good but we had a slightly mixed opinion on it. One of us found it too cheesy, low on seasonings and overdone chilli flakes whereas the other one could not resist finishing the last bit of it on the platter.


Pan Roasted Vegetable Ravioli was suggested by the host so we decided to order it. It was roasted ravioli stuffed with veggies and served with garlic cream cheese sauce. This dish was rich with the creamy sauce and had a very appetizing flavour of garlic. The raviolis were well stuffed with exotic veggies and had a very pleasing taste.


Sweet tooth!

It’s a sin to finish a meal without having deserts. We had already stuffed ourselves with their delicious offerings but leaving without a desert would be injustice to the entire experience. So we ordered for their Flourless Dark Chocolate. It was a supple chocolate cake accompanied with vanilla ice cream. Although this was quite good but they do have a few more tempting options available which could be attempted.


How may I help you?

The staff is prompt and diligent. They are very accurate with what they serve and how they serve it and fully engage to make your experience elated. Being knowledgeable about the food they serve adds to the experience further.

Hawk eye view!

It was a splendid experience at The Daily. They serve few of the finest dishes in town and are sure to have patrons with that kind of victuals. They are a complete package and our newfound weekend love.

Ambience: 4.5/5

Food: 4.5/5

Service: 4.5/5

Overall: 4.5/5

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View my food journey on Zomato!
View my food journey on Zomato!
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