Foodgasm, Mumbai (Bandra West)

Only a little while back we made a trip to Sawai Madhaopur. It’s a small village prominently known for the Ranthambore tiger reserve. Unlike most trips this time we were travelling with our nephew, our little tiger Dhruv who is barely a year old. We are not sure if there have been any studies on how humans react to their first experiences with taste but looking at Dhruv enjoy his nibbles was great fun. It is impossible to put his expressions in words every time he came across a new taste. We believe that expression is the real definition of the word foodgasm. For infants it takes as little as a lemon to give them a jitter but for us there is this little one that has opened up at Bandra reclamation.

“It’s not a diet, its healthy eating” is the concept of Foodgasm that has opened doors not a very long time back.

From the designers perspective!

As you enter the place done up with vibrant colours there is a sense of playfulness and a positive atmosphere around. It is a small happy place with bright colored industrial seating, wooden tables and amusing wall doodles. A planter with real green, a bucket full of spoons and forks meant for different courses of the meal, a designer tissue box and the stylish menu accompany you on the table. We really like the way they have done their logo which again brings out their playful side. The best adjective for their decor is lively!


Drink it baby!

As soon as you occupy a table, you are welcomed with a kokum drink garnished with basil seeds. This drink is just apt to calm you down of the heat outside and leaves you refreshed. Loved it!


We ordered for a Sea breeze and a Power shot. Sea breeze is just like its name suggests, coconut water with a minty flavour. It does not have any artificial flavouring hence the taste of your drink totally depends on the natural taste of coconut water (We were not the most fortunate though).


Power shot was not a shot as the name suggests, it is a thick rich shake which is full of health. It had natural sweetness of bananas as well as dates and it accompanied our meal till the end.


For the love of food!

Along with the drinks they served us some multigrain bread alongside their homemade dips. The bread was accompanied with salt less butter, mustard dip, homemade tomato ketchup, green chutney and eggless mayo dip. All the dips that they make inhouse are a sure delight and we had to stop ourselves from getting stuffed right at the beginning of this meal.


Kya app ne ghat ghat ka pani puri khaya hai? Whether you like to experiment with the healthy variant or go with the stereotype, they have it all. We opted to add a twist to our paani puri and surely didn’t repent it. They served a very healthy and tongue tickling alternative. The water was made with pomegranate juice as a base and it had a well balanced sweet and tangy taste. For filling, quinoa with boiled chick peas and pomegranate seeds was accompanied in bowls. We tried to stop at one puri but couldn’t resist till we finished the entire portion.


Happy with the first appetizer we next ordered for a Shakahari keema pav. Being vegetarians we always saw non vegetarians relishing on a kheema pav but here it was our turn to hog on the vegetarian alternative. The kheema was made of soy granules and minced mushrooms. It was aptly spicy for our taste buds. We enjoyed this dish very well.


Being thoroughly impressed by the dishes so far we were excited for our next dish which was Quinoa Batata Croquette. We decided to opt for a deep fried dish after all the healthy alternatives for satisfying our gluttonous pallet. This one was crisply fried with a cutlet like filling and we enjoyed the dish with their house made dips.


We realised that in our haste we had missed ordering a soup and being the soup fans that we are called for Hara Pyaaz soup. It was a spring onion soup blended with cream and topped with tofu. We chose to pass this one due to the lack of substantial flavour.


The soup was followed by main course. We chose Thai green curry with steamed rice. The curry had a creamy texture and was loaded with exotic veggies. It had a well balanced taste and flavourful fragrance. The rightly cooked rice went well to support the curry.


Foodgasm has a variety of sandwiches to offer with healthy stuffing’s between breads. They serve their sandwiches with a unique accompaniment, sweet potato French fries. We called for Verdura Mista Sichuan expecting a Chinese spicy flavour. The filling was more towards the Indian flavour due to non usage of unhealthy Chinese sauces or MSG. With all due respect to this healthy sandwich it dint suit our taste buds very well.


Sweet tooth!

How can one leave the dinner table without satisfying their sweet tooth and Foodgasum makes this guiltfree with healthy desserts. With so many lip smacking options it was difficult to zero down on just one so we convinced ourselves to two. Opted for one house recommendation and chose the other one. They recommended Dimaag ki dahi to be their speciality and we opted for Ice gola to kill the heat outside.

Dimaag ki dahi was baked yogurt with the king of fruits, mango. This one was a classic combination of mango with yougurt but they added a twist by using baked yougurt. People with their love for desserts must surely try this one.


Kala khatta ice gola was all time favourite pick from all the varied options available. This one did not have the coloured unhealthy flavoured syrup, instead it was a blend of different fruit juices mixed to closely represent the taste of kala khatta.


How may I help you!

The staff is attentive and quick to make your meal experience comfortable. They greet you with a smile and are happy to make recommendations. Owners are passionate about their venture and are available to assist you with the best they can offer.

Hawk eye view!

All in all it was a healthy and tasty experience and we are overwhelmed with the twists they offer to make a delightful meal. One can barge into this place anytime for a quick healthy bite as they are open from breakfast to dinner. Do not diet, eat healthy!!

Ambience: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Food: 4/5

Overall: 4/5

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View my food journey on Zomato!
View my food journey on Zomato!
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