Desi Deli, Mumbai (Bandra West)

Once upon a time in a far off land lived a noble king who had three daughters. The Kings announced a competition between his daughters to curb his dilemma of who loved him the most. All three princesses were asked to provide a measure of their love for the king. The first princess said she loved the king as much as the amount of gold on earth, the king was very happy. The second princess said she loved the king, as much as all the water the oceans held, the king was again ecstatic. Finally the third and youngest princess was asked to answer the question. She to everyone’s surprise said that she loved the king as much as a pinch of salt. Who better than a food fanatic would understand that she was the one who loved her father the most!

Desi Deli is set out to add salt to your food experience. The salt of adding desi to Deli & casual to gourmet. A little outlet on Bandra reclamation set out to serve some out of the box spins. Vegans can rejoice as they have quite some options that could be cooked to their liking.

From the designers perspective!

It is a very small outlet with barely 5 tables overlooking the street. Colorfully and playfully done exterior space with industrial chairs and tables and the interior, which to the most part is the kitchen. Although it is a small place but details like fresh flowers on the table, cleanliness, good lighting etc. cannot be missed. They also have a loyalty point system so good news for the patrons.


Drink it baby!

Basil Orange Lime was an extremely refreshing and naturally flavoured drink. The texture from the orange pulp and basil flavouring hit the right cord. Just like that girl in a salwar kameez wearing a bindi, the best thing about this drink is it simplicity.


Kalimera on the other hand is a heavier yogurt based drink somewhat loaded with nuts and oats. The right amount of honey did the trick. We managed to sip it all through the meal.


For the love of food!

Started off with disputably the best dish of the meal, The Sonoran Desi hotdog. A prep that made us fall in love with this german-american fast food. It not just tastes delicious with a soft bun, veg sausage, mayo, beans, hara salsa, queso fresca, fresh tomatoes, papaya relish and sour cream but also looks amazing with their vibrant colours. This is a must must try!


The burger kept up with the hot dog. Ordered the 3 Bean Burger, which apparently is also available in a vegan option but we went with the stereotype. A perfectly crisp and crunchy patty laid between the burger bun with red salsa and green mayo. Although the bun could be better but as a whole the burger was delicious.


If you love mushrooms then you should strictly order the Shorshe Shrroms, which they claim to be their mom’s recipe. Mushrooms cooked in mustard sauce placed between a pao with cheddar cheese served along side a raw mango relish and a house desi salad. It’s just apt!


The Desi Veggie Shtoo was veggies cooked with a dash of coconut milk and was mildly spiced served along side kadak pao. The stew had more vegetables and less curry and hence the kadak pao did not go very well with it. Either there should have been more curry or pao should be the softer variant. Vegan option available. Tasted decent.


The Great Greek was lemon scented rice with spinach and more prominently till leaves topped with parsi topli na paneer. For the aversion to till leaves we did not much enjoy this one but we saw the next table occupied by a nuclear parsi family completely relishing it.


Ghugni Souk Veg was white pea curry placed on a bed of Moroccan coriander couscous. The spicy pea curry and flavourful couscous was an amazing combination. The lemon garnish on top makes it drool worthy.


Sweet Tooth!

Cleopatra by the hint of its name is reincarnated Egyptian apricot custard with dry apricot garnishing and vanilla mascarpone. We enjoyed this one until the next one arrived.


Tuckers Tycoon got us in trouble. We hogged onto this one until we could barely move ourselves. Pan toasted bread slices loaded with mascarpone cheese and nuttella. It was oozing love! If you miss this one, you have missed one of the happiest food moments!


How may I help you?

The staff is extremely knowledgeable about the menu and the servings and will be able to help you with every aspect of food understanding and ordering. Well conversant they quickly develop a rapport with you. Be vocal about your pallet type and they will make the right suggestions.

Hawk eye view!

Make sure to try the hot dog and the tuckers tycoon and you would definitely want to ask them how their loyalty point system works.

 View my food journey on Zomato!
 View my food journey on Zomato!
 Desi Deli Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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