Delhi Highway, Mumbai (Andheri East)

Delhi has been the centre of power for centuries in India since the ascent of the Turkish dynasty. Muhammad Bin Tughluq s/o Ghiyas-ud-din Tughluq was the second king of the Persian era who ruled India from 1324 AD to 1351 AD and the only king who tried to shift the power centre and his capital from Delhi to Daulatabad (Maharashtra). The history books wrote him off as an unsuccessful king who took all the wrong decisions and we agree with the historians as which sane person would move away from the lipsmackingly delicious Delhi food.

Delhi Highway a young restaurant located at Times Square in Andheri is doing something spectacularly different from any other North Indian food-serving eatery, they serve only vegetarian food! On this bright Sunday afternoon at the bloggers table at Delhi Highway it was established that vegetarians are not loosing out on anything to non-vegetarians (do you see a fight coming up?).

Rare are times when you land up liking almost all the servings on a table that is loaded with an extremely large spread. This was indeed that rare Sunday!

Subhan Allah!

It is one of those few restaurants that sports an extremely classical language running through all aspects of their interior. Wooden tables clubbed with chesterfield style fabric upholstered high sofas and ornamental chairs with heavy motives, elegantly created polygonal niches, stone crafted separator jalis, double heighted ceiling, wallpapers with motives, colourful table runners and napkins, heavy copper cutlery and utensils holistically give the place a royal Mughal feel.



Sharbat nosh farmayeh!

The moment we rested our bottoms on the chair, they were ready with a glass of Aam Pana. We had had extremely disheartening experiences with syrup based aam pana in the past at few of Mumbai’s famous restaurants. The best part about this one was that it was freshly made of real aam and had no artificial flavouring. It had to be a little more sour to be close to the aam pana we are used to and for that they need to be more diligent with the raw mangoes they pick for the preparation. We also believe you might not find this drink available all through the year as it is made of raw mangoes which is a seasonal fruit.



Started with the Tomato-Dhaniya shorba and we could not stop endeavouring it to the bottom of our bowl. We are not sure if the bowl was shallow or we just could not get enough of it.


Roasted masala papad was served as cones of papad carrying the chopped onion and tomato spiced up masala kept in stout glasses. It was a great presentation and quite a nice way to get started.


Dahi papdi bhalla chat was a combination of papdi chat and dahi bhalla and it could not have been put better. Bhalla kept on a base of papdi topped with dahi, green and sweet chutney, sprouts, shredded beetroot and tomatoes, pomegranate seeds and sev made it a drool worthy preparation. It was presented on a dry leaf to give it the local chat feel.


Mutter Kulche had extremely soft kulchas served with ragda style sabji. Again presented well it was a quite flavourful dish. It was not very spicy like the ones you get on the streets but that does not take away anything from its individual unique taste.


Then came the dish that stole our heart. We strongly recommend the Charcoal Mushroom! The most perfectly marinated and stuffed tandoori mushroom we have had. The stuffing was of grated paneer and bell peppers. We liked it so much so that we ordered the second round irrespective of the large spread yet to be served. We are definitely going back to them often for these.



Naram dil kebabs were kebabs made of melt in the mouth paneer deep fried with a covering of corn flakes. True to their name they were extremely soft at heart. Served with three dips namely pesto, tandoori (aachari style) and mayo that added extremely well to the dish.


Dahi seekh kebab made of hung curd had a spotted brown crust, were pretty soft and had a smooth texture. The finely chopped green chilli only added positively to the taste. The charcoal grilling gives them a slightly smoked flavour.


Broccoli pesto kebab until they told us seemed like the hara bhara kebab. A golden fried broccoli based kebab topped with pesto tasted quite a thing.


What came next stuck us by awe. A fully loaded thali that looked like a larger than life meal. Paneer Lababdar, Aloo methi, Pindi chana, Palak makai, Kali daal, Kulcha, Tandoori roti, veg Biryani, Raita, Salad and an earthen made glass of lassi. Gosh! We were confused of what to choose to fill ourselves up from these beauties. Everything on the thali made us fall for it all over again.



Meetha Meetha!

Nothing beats Jalebi rabdi! One of our favourite Indian desert. The extremely thin Jalebis that were correctly sweetened served with rabdi topped with pistachios. After the stupendous meal this did not seem sinful for sure. Must try!



The staff is well trained, soft spoken, hungry for feedback, diligent in servicing, and with all the right qualities that a good restaurant should have. They scored brownie points for the perfect Khidmadgari (service) they provided to the bloggers table and we hope that all customers are bestowed with the same enthusiasm and spontaneity.


Baaz ki nazar se!

They are not a lightly priced place and regular visits might burn a little hole in your pocket but a good ambiance, head over heels service and most importantly the amazing, lipsmacking, stupendously delicious food! This is a killer combination!

Ambiance: 4.5/5

Service: 4.5/5

Food 4.5/5

Overall: 4.5/5

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View my food journey on Zomato!
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