Gurukripa, Mumbai (Powai)

Give it a thought, how would have man went from eating roots to cooking Baked Alaska. We know that newton saw a falling apple and discovered gravity but do we know who made the first apple strudel? We know that Archimedes had his eureka moment but who said eureka after making the first cheese balls. Well, even with the food industry evolving at an accelerated pace there would be a lot of questions unanswered. Gurukripa is a little restaurant that is not set out to give these answers but help us with what is the centre of these questions, some lipsmacking food!

Gurukripa is a multi cuisine restaurant located on the Saki Vihar road. It is surrounded by a number of office complexes. We believe that is the reason why it was to the most part occupied with corporate clientele on the weekday we visited them.

It is a place that is absolutely appropriate for pocket friendly casual team lunches and dinners. A prominent name board would not let you miss this one, even while in the passing.


From the designers perspective!

The place is neatly done sporting open ceiling and ducting, upholstered sofa and chair seating with wooden tables. The bar area is the highlight of the place with no other as attention seeking sight. The interiors are subtly done with a fusion of wall tiles, stone cladding and brick walls. The restaurant is well illuminated with spot and down lights. Try choosing a seat that is not under the direct airflow from the air conditioning duct.


Drink it baby!

The mocktails on the menu seem interesting and having a tangy and spicy palette we ordered for Spiced punch along side Virgin Mary. Served in a stout glass and plated with salt on the edges, the spiced punch was well presented. The taste resembled a mix of tomato ketchup and chilli sauces, which was by no means satiable. We let it pass after one sip each.


The Virgin mary was again a well presented drink but was overdone with the concentrated syrup. It was too sweet for our taste buds hence we decided to stick to our favourite drink, Red Bull.


Oh well! Red Bull tasted fantastic!

For the love of food!

Started with Crispy Masala Rumali. This was a crisp rumali roti topped with tomatoes, onions, sev and fresh coriander. The rumali was well cooked and toppings were generous however it lacked the chatpata taste it is expected to have. So call for some chat masala before you pounce on this one.


Then arrived Crispy potato chilly. Fried Potato fingers tossed in Chinese sauces, this one is a good pick for Indian Chinese lovers. It is served on a triangular platter and accompanied with thinly shredded cabbage. Standing to its name the dish has crisply fried potatoes tossed with spicy sauce and green chillies.


The Papad roll was an unusual sounding dish on the menu that urged us to order this one. It was a roll with a papad wrap around and filled with finely chopped and mashed veggies. This had an unusually interesting taste where the taste of papad overpowered the taste of veggies. It was a good try and it struck well with our palette.


Ordered another starter for the love of cottage cheese, Threaded Paneer. This is a preparation of melt in the mouth panner inside and crispy threads on the outer making it a desirable combination. This dish is low on spices and goes well with schezwan sauce for people who like spices. Quite a try!


It was finally time for the main course. The menu had many options but we went by the restaurants recommendations. We were suggested Rajasthani bhindi and Veg Malwani. The Rajasthani bhindi was a good suggestion; it had batter-fried bhindi recooked in brown rich gravy. The dish was flavourful and appropriately spiced.


The Veg Malvani we ordered was for the love of coconut based dishes and it did not disappoint us. It had chopped mix veggies cooked in coconut based gravy and curry leaves. It was a little different from the regular veggies and can be ordered as an alternative to other mix veg curries.


Naan was our bread of the day and was well roasted and non chewy.


Indian main course was followed by noodles. We have loved the coriander noodles at many places as it has the Indian touch to a Chinese preparation so we decided to try it here as well. The chilly coriander noodles here were hakka noodles tossed with coriander. It tasted pretty good. Even after hogging on to the starters, drinks and main course we completely relished this preparation.


Sweet tooth!

The have placed a picture of their signature desert right outside the restaurant, so even before you enter you have already decided on your happy ending. Wink wink! Ordered for their recommendation, the Gadbad Ice cream. While we were eating our main course, they informed us that if we wished to order the Gadbad we should do it then, as it will take about 15-20 minutes for preparation. It is made with one scoop each of mango, vanilla and strawberry ice cream with dressing of rose syrup and loaded with nuts and fresh fruits. It was quite a filling preparation. Retaining the natural taste by using fresh fruits was a masterstroke.


How may I help you?

The service was a little slow but we would also account the fact that the restaurant was fully occupied. The managers provide a comfortable meal experience and good suggestions but were not around at most occasions.

Hawk eye view!

A decent dining experience with almost all kind of delivers, from the perfect Yorker to the poor short of length. With their kind of legacy they can surely be magnetic enough to pull crown from their vicinity. A little improvisation and they could go a notch higher.

Ambiance: 3.5/5

Food: 3.5/5

Service: 3.5/5

Overall: 3.5/5

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View my food journey on Zomato!
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