Thai Baan, Mumbai (Colaba)

Our visits to Thailand have given us a particular outlook to the island country, which more so is of beautiful beaches, blue-green waters, a warm culture, shopping, massages (the real ones :P) and loads of mouth watering food. Mumbai has been able to bring in the massages and the shopping but there was still a lot of scope for food experiences. Thai Baan has attempted to bridge the gap that a Thai cuisine enthusiast is bound to fall in love with.

Gourmet Renaissance has 34 speciality restaurants serving 350+ world cuisines and Thai Baan is their Thai cuisine venture. Co-founder Mr Suniel Bharwani and Chef cum owner Mr. Richard Dias did a wonderful job for us foodies.

From the designers perspective!

A ground plus one outlet with not a lot of seating space is a little cramped and would this time give you the feeling of not dining from the box but in the box. Not much to speak of the décor that has some sofa and wooden chair seating against wooden topped tables placed on a tiled floor to cover it with wooden louvered low height ceiling. May be they are all about the food.

Drink it baby!

Kaffir Lime & Thai basil mojito was a little twist from the regular mint mojitos we usually have. The twist was pleasant. Kaffir lime added tangy lemony taste and Thai basil added a very refreshing flavour. Loved this one! Request them for less ice before you place your order.


Passion Fruit Ice tea is an anytime refreshment and the flavour of passion fruit is an escape from the summer heat.


For the love of food!

They had a very distinct and interesting menu meant for people who would like to measure the health benefits before they dig into their meals. Each dish had a mention of its calorie count and nutrition facts. Thus one can decide on the order depending on their calorie intake preferences.

Started with the Broccoli, Tofu, Bell Pepper Satay. Marinated broccoli, tofu and bell peppers skewered and cooked. It had a tad bit sweet taste with a spicy after effect, just like an authentic Thai dish. We would let this one pass for it had a flavour, which did not suit our palate.


Pho Pia Je (Spring Rolls) was Thai style fried spring rolls, which were an absolute delight for the eyes as much as for the taste buds. The rolls were correctly deep fried leaving no oil behind. They were crisp and had a nice flavourful vegetable filling inside. The rolls were wrapped in thin noodles before frying which made them unusual and added to the fun of relishing them. This one’s a pick!


Tum Yum Je Soup is combination of health and taste soup with high nutritional value and low fats. It has a spicy tangy watery soup with boiled cubes of veggies. Make sure you gulp it steadily and slowly for the spices might hit your throat if you are impatient. This bowl full of health was lovely and it left our taste buds mesmerised. Must try!


Som Tam Salad made of shredded raw papaya with the signature Thai peanuts and tossed in tangy sauces was somewhat similar to kimchi but seemed to be a healthier alternative. We were not very impressed with the taste because of the strong raw garlic flavour and the watery texture. We may try the other options in our next visit. This one’s not a recommend.


Phad Phak has many exotic veggies and tofu tossed in Thai herb sauce. It has a perfect mix of nutrition and taste. The varied flavours of each veggie add value to the dish. Mushroom lovers can relish this dish as it retains its natural taste being low on spices. The exotic vegetables make this dish healthy and yummy at the same time.


Gaeng Kiew Warn Je Veg (Thai green curry) with Steamed rice. This dish was rich with coconut milk and exotic veggies as it should be. We like this dish at most places and so did we like it here as well. Inspite of the creamy texture, this dish is low on calories as read by their menu. Thai green curry tastes best with steamed rice as one can relish the curry without diluting its flavour. The curry was correctly spiced and had well-blended flavours. The portion size was big enough to suffice 2 people.


Phad Thai noodles were flat noodles tossed in sweet, sour and spicy sauces. The noodles were well cocked and the flavours were just                        perfect. Peanuts made this dish even more flavourful and added crunch. This dish must be tried at Thai Baan and it was one of our best picks for the lunch. The quantity was generous but one could easily hog on it because it is not very heavy on your appetite and tastes fantastic.


Sweet Tooth!

Tum Tim Grob is a Thai desert originally made with diced/shredded water chestnuts with coconut milk in rose flavour, topped with crushed ice. The water chestnuts at the bottom are a pink surprise due to the rose flavouring. The ice was a little over done which made the milk watery after sometime so don’t waste time after it arrives at the table. Rose flavour dominates the dish. It is served in a china clay cup that is made to look somewhat like a coconut.


Roti Kelna Khai is a pancake with bananas and raisins. The dish is not much artificially sweetened and the natural taste of bananas and raisins are retained. For people like us who like their deserts with natural and minimal sugars, this one is a sure delight. This dish is garnished with chocolate sauce and lightly roasted which gives it a distinctly pleasant flavour.


How may I help you?

The management is a bunch of enthusiasts who are looking to push the envelop in the Thai genre of food. Innovation is given the importance it deserves. Staff is prompt but has to be more attentive. A decent dining experience at large.

Hawk eye view!

It was an experience with few hits and misses. They have some strong points and a few areas of improvement. The gaps can be bridged by simple changes and we hope they keep the good food going.

Ambiance: 3/5

Food: 4/5

Service: 3.5/5

Overall: 3.5/5

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View my food journey on Zomato!
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