90 Feet Above, Mumbai (Borivali West)

An afternoon of December 18th, 1989 at Municipal stadium, Gujranwala, Pakistan. India had already lost 3 wickets in an ODI match limited to 20 overs due to bad light. A young bleak looking sixteen year old kid walked onto the pitch to play against the feared Pakistani fast bowler. What an unfortunate day it was for the kid and he was dismissed on the second ball he played without scoring a single run in his debut match. What if he was written off that day? How would the world have noticed the best batsman ever? Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar was reborn because he was given a second chance to prove his metal and how better could he bring the world to his feet.


After a not so good experience for the first time with 90 Feet Above in their initial days we thought of giving them a chance to be Sachin. They might not be Sachin Tendulkar of the restaurant world but they have immensely evolved as a restaurant that serves a good food experience. Vegetarians can rejoice for they now have another restaurant to look upto.

From the designers perspective!

They have quite some seating area in the exterior section open to sky and an air-conditioned interior. We chose to seat ourselves in the regulated environment. The place is done elegantly with decorative dim lighting, comfortable sofa seating, leather-upholstered chairs, wooden tables & wall décor. They have a glass wall on one side, which lets you gaze at the illuminated vicinity below, while you dig into your delicious meal.


Drink it baby!

This one’s got a non-alcoholic bar that served some nice mocktails. Ordered for the Burnt curry leaf martini, Pina colada, Peru Chilli & Baghara Chass. Burnt curry leaf martini was refreshingly different but only second best to the Peru Chilli. Pina colada was blended well and was a perfect accompaniment to the food. The Baghara chass as per Mr. Sunny Rachwani the CEO of the restaurant is a favourite amongst their patrons. The taste was good but we had a little suggestion to lessen the oil garnishing.





For the love of food!

Pani puri shots was our first endeavor. Pineapple and pomegranate flavoured pani were pretty innovative but being the old school people and would like to settle for the regular pani. Served in shot glasses with the masala filled puri on top gives the dish its amusing look.


Dal Makhni Fondue was our first encounter to move beyond the classical cheese and the lately spoken of pav bhaji fondue. Dal Makhni with a cheese and buttery touch served with breads and bread sticks in fondue style. An innovative dish of its kind and a reason for Jains to rejoice.


Chini Chilli was chapps cooked with chinese flavours. The chapps were made of multi grains and were pretty soft. Nice try!


Achari Paneer Tikka was amazingly soft cubes of melt in the mouth paneer marinated in a spicy and tangy achari masala. One of the best picks from the meal.


Shakarkand Bhel was shredded and fried sweet potatoes tossed in green and sweet chutney. Perfectly crisp and rightly spiced we loved this one.


Celery Bhajia was served in lollipop style with a tooth pick and it was a melt in the mouth bhajiya. Rich in cheese and nothing like any other bhajiya we have had in the past.


Ravioli Arabiatta was made with pumpkin, spinach and ricotta cheese stuffing and topped with tomato sauce. It wasn’t the most amusing ravioli we have had.


Usal Paprika looked interesting but did not have the essence of the Maharashtrian ussal. Having said this, as a dish it tasted very well and we would love to order it again.


Paneer Lababdar, courtesy the melt in the mouth paneer was a treat. If the paneer is good irrespective of the gravy, vegetarians love it. In this case the gravy was pretty good too.


Saag Dhabewala was a veggie based in palak gravy coked in fried garlic. Nothing to boast of but a decent dish.


Kofta Biryani was the best pick form the meal. Even a lot of biryani specialty places do not deliver such perfection. Must Try!


Pudina paratha was not stuffed but was garnished with pudina. Not recommended.


Butter missi tori lacked salt but the flavor was good.


Zattar Naan was the bread we liked. Naan sprinkled with oregano and chilli flakes. Just the thing!


Sweet tooth!

Paan Pannacotta was mildly flavoured unlike most paan desserts and was presented in a way to make you drool. The pannacotta was served with a scoop of paan ice cream, topped with shredded paan.


Sundae Everyday was a glass of sinful love. We were too over the top stuffed to eat enough of this one.


Gulab Jamun Lasagnia was gulab jamun placed on a base of yellow bundi topped with rabdi. We have had gulab jamun with rabdi before but the bundi did the trick.


How may I help you?

The place was empty when we entered at 7.30pm and by 8.30 they had almost all tables full on a working day and this speaks for their popularity. Even while operating at full capacity they were diligent, attentive and prompt. We spoke to Mr. Sunny Rachwani the CEO only to realize his passion for food, willingness to take feedback and warmth towards their guests. We are now sure that the staff has a good inspiration to look upto. 

Hawk eye view!

For all those who sympathized with us for being vegetarians you may now shut up. Vegetarian’s paradise and non-vegetarian’s envy, 90 Ft Above is one of the finest restaurants in this vicinity with delightful innovations and some lipsmacking food.

Ambience: 4/5

Food: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Overall: 4/5

 View my food journey on Zomato!
View my food journey on Zomato!
90 Ft Above Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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