Warehouse Kitchen, Mumbai (Borivali West)

A couple of weeks back we were at a blogger’s table at an upmarket south Mumbai eatery. Blogger’s tables can be super crazy with all the food, drinks and fun fair. Someone gave a hypothetical situation of we being stranded on an island with two food options to carry along, what would they be? I remember the answer I gave then but after Warehouse kitchen I would like to surely reconsider it.


From the designers perspective!

Warehouse kitchen is a three-storied restaurant building done with industrial interiors to suite the name. The interiors are done quite thoughtfully. Furniture with a little rustic look, non-conventional industrial lighting, importance to detailing and a vibrant colour scheme give the place its charm. They have a little seating area in the exteriors too and quite some waiting area. We doubted they need a waiting area with that big a facility but a visit on the Sunday brought us to reality. The waiting area is done with wacky captions that make you pose against them. We don’t site other place, which is so well done anywhere close to this vicinity.




Drink it baby!

We had abundant drinks on the table all through the meal. Tried the Kokam Mojito, Kiwi Magic, Paan Mojito, Strawberry disco, Black currant spank, & Ginger watermelon punch.


All drinks were pretty well spun and suited our taste buds. The milk shake were pretty thick in texture (in case you don’t like them that way be sure to tell them while you order).


Also, you may ask them for less ice in coolers for a better taste of the drink till the end.


The Paan mojito was liquid paan passand and brought back some childhood memories to us.


Our best pick was the Kokam Mojito and we thoroughly enjoyed its tangy taste.


For the love of food!

Food is what differentiated every restaurant for another and there is no alternate for good food. Warehouse kitchen charms you with the taste of its multi cuisine, far stretched food menu.

Cold soups have been relatively new to the Indian palate and we started with one in the form of Watermelon soup. Yes, that’s right! A grainy textured watermelon crush soup with garlic flavoring and some fruit balls was a very innovative dish by itself. Although we did not give in to the taste but it was a decent try.


Spicy Burmese Khao Suey was one of the best dishes from this meal. We would say it was sheer joy. It was a bowl of soup served at the table without any flare of add-ons like some other places do and it tasted fantastic. As a matter of fact we even returned to them for it a couple of days post our first meal.


The Citrus fruit salad was a combination of oranges, sweet lime, lattice, green olives and feta walnuts in a ginger honey dressing. The presentation was fantastic and if you are a salad person it is a good try.


Hummus salad was Chickpea tahini in olive oil served with pita bread. Both the hummus and the pita bread were delicious. The pita bread was melt in the mouth soft.


Broccoli walnut tikka is a must must try! Do not miss this one and your perspective about broccoli is going to change from a bland exotic vegetable to a lipsmacking spicy prep.


Paneer hill top was more like the rightly marinated and spiced paneer tikka. The taste was good but they need to reconsider their paneer vendor for the paneer was quite hard. An area of improvement with nothing difficult to improvise.


Cheese lovers have to make some noise for the Pizza Valparaiso. Overwhelmed with cheese, tomato, corn, bell peppers, olives and jalapeños it was a very heavy dish. This one is for the people who say “So much of cheese…said no sane person ever!”


Corn cheese tarts with hot salsa were a regular tart dish with a regular taste and presentation. We would not vote for this one.


Mexican tarts were the best-presented dish and tasted very well too. The spiced rice in the base is a pleasant surprise.


The Burrito was a filling roll and we managed only a couple of bites to try the taste. We would say it is an ordinary prep and can be passed.


Blooming bread was bun bread with parallel cuts all across and a topping and stuffing of cheese, spices and few exotic veggies. The taste was good but the bread needed to be stuffed better.


Spicy cottage cheese in chipotle sauce had the same challenge as the Paneer hill top. The paneer again was very hard and needed attention.


Barbeque oriental Manchurian was finely made with no excess oil and right flavoring.


Penne pasta in pink sauce was served with garlic bread and again was a nice pick. The sauce was correctly spiced and rightly tossed with the pasta.


Triple schezwan fried rice was a different from what you would regularly expect. The rice was cooked in schezwan sauce and served alongside fried noodles with a bowl of red gravy. As a whole the dish tasted good.


Tandoori mushroom and potatoes served late in the meal were good but were not much sort for our appetite was running out. One bite into each made us realize that we should come back for these.


Cannelloni was the last dish at the table before the desserts arrived. Not being our palate preference we only stuck a single fork to realize the red sauce dressing tasted pretty well.


Sweet tooth!

Rainbow pastry looked delicious and tasted the same. Soft as it should be and the vibrant colors make you drool.


Red velvet cup cake again by the looks of it was calling out to us and we did not resist. Nice try.


Caramel short bread was the dessert of the day and was the best in the lot. We wanted another of this one but unfortunately they had run out of stock. Sob sob.


Walnut Brownie was a warm dessert and tasted amazing. Walnut chunks were adding to its taste.


Mango Bavarian boosted of fresh cream and mangoes. If you like mangoes do go for this one.


Gulab jamun pastry, German black forest pastry and Chocolate ganache pastries were pretty good too and by this time we had definitely forgotten about our cameras.

How may I help you?

Every dish was served with a smile! The staff is very enthusiastic and on their toes for every gesture you make. They bring more life to the place with the warmth and this is not based only on the bloggers meet but also subsequent visits with friends. Ask them for suggestions as per your palate type and they will oblige.

Hawk eye view!

With a lot of hits and a few misses they are a star for us. We would love to visit them pretty often, as they are one of the few vegetarian restaurants that would provide a massive diversity in food with a fantastic ambiance and service.

Ambiance: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Food: 4/5

Value for money: 4/5

Overall: 4/5

 View my food journey on Zomato!
 View my food journey on Zomato!
 Warehouse Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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