Chef Sisters, Mumbai (Borivali West)

Back when I was a kid my mother used to get every toy, chocolate, goodie in duplicate, the second one being for my brother who was a year older. I still don’t remember how we picked up fights for the same things that were cautiously brought in duplicate. Somehow I always wanted to ride the bicycle when my brother did it. I always wanted the orange ice candy that he picked leaving aside the other one available. Sit in my mothers lap or play with my father’s hair when he was doing so. We still loved each other only to know that the bond between brothers was stronger than anything else. I am sure Hasti & Hilony from Chef Sisters share the same bond.


From the designers perspective!

Chef Sisters a venture by two sisters is a little dine-in restaurant located in Borivali west. 3-4 tables in the air-conditioned section and just about double in the exteriors with vibrant colours on the walls and furniture summarise the place. An open kitchen that lets you have a look at your food while it is being cooked. We would say you should go to them for the food!


Drink it baby!

We leveraged the bloggers table to try multiple drinks on the menu. Ordered namely Oreo milkshake, Apple cinnamon ice tea, Passion fruit ice tea, Blueberry mojito, KitKat milkshake, Strawberry juice, Mint mojito and Shikanji soda. All drinks complement the food pretty well but the Apple cinnamon ice tea needs a special mention. The milkshakes are also pretty good.




For the love of food!

Paneer Schezuan was our best pick form the meal. Loved the rightly spiced cubes of cottage cheese with perfect marination. We will go to Chef Sisters repeatedly for this dish.


Mushroom Lovers Panini was one of the finest paninis we have had. The last time we had such paninis was at Juhu Mocha which is not shut. A dish we look up to in our next visit.


Masala Cheese Garlic Bread was one of the best photographed dish on the menu and it tasted as well. We actually longed for more than one piece but had to control ourselves for the menu was a pretty long one.


Big Nachos were a plateful of nachos loaded with cheesy dressing, jalapeños, olives, red and yellow bell pepper and lettuce. Being the anti cheese people that we are, still managed a couple of bites.


Cheese Fondue was potato wedges, garlic bread, nachos and sautéed exotic veggies served with a herbed cheese dip. Inspite of the anti cheese nature we liked this dish. The veggies were sautéed very well and the garlic bread also tasted amazing.


Pesto Margarita pizza was a classic margarita pizza with a slightly Indian twist. Was spiced up a little than otherwise and baked to perfection.


BBQ pizza was liked by some at the table but this was the dish that did not go very well with our taste buds. The BBQ sauce was very rich in Indian spices and predominantly cinnamon. It was topped with bell peppers, onion and paneer. We could let this one pass.


Tomato Arrabbiata cooked in red sauce was a decent try. Flavourful and spicy like the rest of the dishes. The taste was close to the maggi masala and we even suggested that called this one Maggi pasta. Maggi lovers would be thrilled.


Aglio Olio was again a fantastic pick with spaghetti pasta tossed with herbs, cooked garlic, olive oil and some seasoning, sprinkled with parmesan cheese. We loved this one.


Three Way Medley was a rice noodle mix with exotic veggies cooked in schezuan, hunan and chopseuy sauces. It was a little sweet in taste, may be to suite the customers around their location. It was a decent dish by itself.


Malaysian Flat Noodles were another gem and we totally fell for it. Even with almost full stomach we hogged on to this one being the gluttons we are. Lemon grass, turmeric and most importantly coconut gave this dish the lipsmacking taste and flavor. It is a must try.


Sweet Tooth!

Special Rabdi Cake with Dry fruits is a house special. The layers of cake were soaked in basndi before plating them with cream and laying it on a bed of rabdi. Not to miss the nuts. It was a pretty innovative and well tasting dessert.


Devils Cake with Ice cream was hot chocolate cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and chocolate lovers should not let this one pass.


Tiramisu was not the best we have had but that does take away anything from the one at Chef Sisters and it can be ordered for the love of coffee.


Strawberry cream was extremely fresh with the natural taste of strawberries. This one is a seasonal dessert and you can ask for the fruit of the season cream on your visit.


How may I help you?

The staff made elaborate suggestion from the menu and were quite prompt with the servings or deliverables. They also made every attempt to make us comfortable and were on their toes with our demands. Hasti & Hilony with their love for food also added to the dining experience.

Hawk eye view!

They are masters at Indiniasing the taste of global cuisines and serve the common mans pallet type. Don’t go them if you are looking for any authentic cuisines. They don’t push to do things differently but they charm you with their simplicity and after all what’s most important in a restaurant is its FOOD!

Ambiance: 3.5/5

Service: 4/5

Food: 4.5/5

Value for money: 4/5

Overall: 4/5

 View my food journey on Zomato!
View my food journey on Zomato!
Chef Sisters Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


3 thoughts on “Chef Sisters, Mumbai (Borivali West)

  1. Thank you Samir.
    I was having 2 options for Sunday evening
    1st to cook myself at home. Or
    2nd to visit a new restaurant.
    You saved me..
    Will be going to this place and I hope they food is as good as you blog.


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