Café 1947, Old Manali

It was my first trip to this mountain town of Himachal known for the snow-clad peaks, temples, snow sports, thukpa (Tibetan noodle soup), proximity to Malana (the place where Beatles re-discovered their music, Steve Jobs during his trip to India came here, went back and invented the first ever iPod and of course for its Malana cream). Manali as a town has a lot to offer for travellers, which is off the itinerary. Little is written about the food scene in Manali for travellers and this is my little contribution to better the situation.



Café 1947 located in Old Manali is an easy find with Google maps. Located on the bank of a flowing water steam the café has a warm ambiance with yellow lighting around the place. The place is a mix of low laying seating on one side and wooden tables, chairs and sofa on another. There is a little fireplace to keep the place warm when the temperatures drop. Décor of the place is done with musical instruments such as guitars, veena, trumpet etc. clubbed with similar themed paintings as wall decor. I could go to this place over an over again just to enjoy this ambiance listening to the flowing water and soothing music nested inside an warm shelter while it is freezing outside.




The café does not have an extensive menu but a little menu that lists some amazing Italian food. The fact that they say “eating is no choice but the taste is” lives up in the food they serve. The freshness of the ingredients, vegetables, breads they use is very evidential from the first bite.


Tried a few dishes namely, the veg pizza, cream of mushroom soup, bruschetta’s and french fries. I am a little particular about my pizzas and this one was by far few of the finest pizzas I have had. The cream of mushroom soup also did justice to my taste buds. Bruschetta’s were extremely fresh and I was spell bound only to order the second round.



thumb_IMG_20151130_191909_1024 2

They also serve Hookha a popular multi-stemmed instrument for vaporizing and smoking flavored tobacco. Most tables around were enjoying it along with their winter tonics.


Dev at the café was an extremely good and friendly assistance. He was suggestive of quite a few things in and around Manali that helped us explore the place.


Although it’s a big world and short life, if I happen to visit Manali again, Café 1947 would be a big reason I would do so.

View my food journey on Zomato!
View my food journey on Zomato!


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