The Beer Café, Mumbai (Andheri East)

From times immemorial humans have been known to a beverage that has properties of making them happy. It is like one of those potions from a JK Rowling written Harry Potter novel that casts a magic spell on the drinker. Well in this case the transformation is not physical but physiological. Hell yes! Its beer and The Beer Café located right outside the Chatrapati International Airport’s T2 departure terminal is set out to charm you with their amazing menu 24×7.


You guessed it right, The beer Café now has another outlet and the first 24×7 café in their chain opened at the Mumbai international airport and a bunch of we foodies happened to crash there for lunch. Being the vegetarian, non-alcoholic character that I am, I went there for the food and now I have a star on my list that would not completely disappoint me at any hour of the day.


From the designers perspective:

Aesthetics of the place are the same as all the other cafes from the chain done in vibrant yet elegant fashion. The designing team I must say has done a good job with the rightly picked comfortable furniture, decorative lighting, decals and most importantly the aesthetical matching sense. Here I hand it to them.


Drink it baby:

Not privileged enough with the self restriction of being strictly non-alcoholic we choose to try out their mocktails, ice teas and smoothies. A special mention of the Watermelon ice tea is a must. It was refreshingly different and a unique drink I haven’t tasted before. The smoothies were just decent and could be very filling given the large glass size. They need to work a little around their coolers though. Just the place to hang around with my last red bull of the day.


For the love of food:

The Hulk:

This dish, like its name, is a giant in quantity. It is a platter full of sin with beer battered onion rings, bruschetta’s, French fries with a smokey flavoured seasoning and veg spring rolls alongside chipotle mayo, salsa and sweet chili sauce. The Spring rolls taste amazingly well. Bruschetta and French fries are decent and there is some scope of improvement with the onion rings.


Garden Fresh Pizza:

Loaded with bell peppers, cherry tomato, baby corn, jalapenos and olives this pizza tasted decent. Given the fact that we were too demanding in service the thin crust pizza base was a little under cooked in the first round but it was rectified as the second one came in.


Kolhapuri Paneer Sukkhe:

Cottage cheese cooked in a spicy tangy flavor with green, yellow and red bell peppers tasted decent, paneer though was a little chewy, which was highlighted and they promised to get sorted given a temporary vendor issue.


Tirchi Topiwale:

Mushrooms stuffed with spiced cheese, jalapeno and parsley were again decent. People who like vinegared pungent food will like it. I am not a fan of mushrooms at large so it would be not a good idea to rate them on this dish.


Caesar Salad:

Fresh lettuce and croutons dressed with parmesan cheese, caeser dressing and olives tasted very well and I could definitely order it the next time I go back to them.


Pasta Arrabiata:

Although I am not a pasta person I liked this penne based dish cooked in a spicy tomato sauce. They made it with some extra sauce as demanded with garlic bread on the side and the dish just did the trick. Vegies namely tomatoes, olives and jalapenos were fresh.


Veg Biryani:

Decently spiced rice with papad, salad on the side, and a bowl of raita. They are not specialists at this but that does not take away anything form the dish for what it was.


Sweet Tooth:

I was disappointed that they did not have any dessert for a person who comes form the world where eggs are not considered vegetarian. I did have a chance to click the one’s others ordered and it was a struggle to convince myself not to dig into them.


How may I help you?:

Being a lot of demanding food fanatics that we were, they managed the table pretty well. Saurabh was our man for the day who did all the running around trying to keep pace with our orders and he managed it almost singlehandedly. He was not just taking orders but also making suggestions. As a matter of fact he made special arrangements for us given that two of us were non-alcoholics.


This lunch will be one of the fine experiences I have had with my fellow foodies with all the food, drinks, a beer chugging competition and more importantly the amazing fun. We now have another good place in the city that will take care of our late night food cravings and an after party hog.

View my food journey on Zomato!
View my food journey on Zomato!
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