All Stir Fry, Mumbai (Andheri East)

When I was still a kid and was not eligible to celebrate new years’s eve by myself my mommy used to make it special for me by making my favorite Asian food at home and trust me, it used to be something I could give up any number of new year party’s for. Then I grew up to discover All Stir Fry!


All Stir Fry a Coloba based oriental street kitchen style restaurant has been around for a long time now serving lipsmacing pan-asian cuisine to its patrons with unconditional love. One outlet to cater to a city as large in population and geography as Mumbai is a task by itself and the new outlet at Waterstones Hotel, Andheri is an extremely wise decision and a boon for people like me who live and work in the suburbs.


Water stones hotel is an absolutely under rated and less publicized place in Mumbai. It is capable of giving any other five star property a run for its money. Since this was a bloggers meet, I had the privilege to look around the hotel and more so its club that stuck me by awe. In Andheri, the heart of Mumbai, which is a congestion of concrete jungle and traffic, to see a place like this is just surreal. Giant pool, lush greenery and an expat crowd makes you feel in a different country all together. Wish it wasn’t a private place for members only.


All Stir Fry has opened doors on the second floor at Waterstones. The décor of the place is done neatly and tastefully with wooden tables, decently comfortable seating and decorative lighting. Overall creates a nice ambiance for a lunch or dinner meal.


Sipped on the Ananas cooler and Summer Cup through the meal. Ananas cooler encompassed pineapple juice, mint, ginger syrup and lime juice where as the Summer cup was an blend of cranberry & grape juice with fresh fruits, mint and lime juice. Both the drinks were amazingly refreshing and had a nicely distinct flavor and taste.


Tom Kha Je was a coconut milk based soup. It was mildly flavored and loaded with exotic thai vegetables. I have found new love with coconut milk based dishes and this one has made it grow even further. Good try!


Chilli potatoes looked so mouthwatering that @fredrickgoon sitting right next to me could not concentrate on her much loved chicken, only to find a vegetarian fork. And without doubt this dish of shredded crisp potatoes tossed with fresh garlic tasted as well too.


Bulgogi paneer was fire grilled paneer served with a tangy sauce. The paneer was soft and fine in texture and the mild flavoring worked well.


I did not have a chance to click the Chinese okra but that happened to be the best dish at this meal. I loved it so much that I could go back to All Stir Fry if they were only serving this one dish. Spectacular!


The noodle bar has been the best way for one to explore and innovate with noodles and get it cooked to ones palate type at the wok counter. Start with choosing a vegetarian or non-vegetarian bowl at the wok counter. Fill the bowl with your choice of noodles followed by vegetables and then protein in that order. Carry your bowl to the chef at the wok counter and pick you choice of sauce for him to pan-fry it perfectly. Now keep taking turns to try a new combination and get awed every single time. Great taste & good flavor will keep you craving for more. As a matter of fact we had people go up for rounds at the noodle bar even after hogging away their deserts.


All the deserts I tasted were making me ask for more but you know we all have just one stomach and that too with an limited capacity. The Green tea cake, Caramel custard, Darsaan and Tum tim grob all were just as delicious but the Tum tim grob and Darsaan need a special mention.



Darsaan was honey fried noodles that were perfectly crisp served with ice cream and the Tum tim grob served in an cocktail glass had strands of water chestnut with coconut milk. Both are must try’s!



With All Stir Fry in Andheri we have a perfect place for Business lunches and family and friend’s dinners.

Ambiance : 4/5

Service 4/5

Food: 4/5

Overall: 4/5

View my food journey on Zomato!
View my food journey on Zomato!
All Stir Fry Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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