Mirchi And Mime, Mumbai (Powai)

There are 360 million people in the world with disabling hearing/speech loss. This is around 5% of the world’s population. We live in a society where few care about the attention and support these special people need. The management of Mirchi & Mime are the rare few who are contributing towards welfare and upliftment of these special people by providing them respectable employment. All the serving staff here uses sign language to communicate with customers and the menu is also designed in a way for customers to easily communicate with the staff in sign language. Brilliant thoughtful concept!


Any concept would make a restaurant run for a little while but not long enough. What a restaurant requires for sustainable customer satisfaction is good food and Mirchi & Mime are masters of the art of cooking. I like this place so much so that I did not want the evening to end even after committing the fifth deadly sin of gluttony.


Décor of the place is done thoughtfully and elegantly with wooden upholstered and sofa seating alongside wooden tables. Non-conventionally using kitchen equipment as décor pieces is a good thought. Respect for the designing team of this restaurant for keeping it simple yet classy.


Started with masala lemonade that was served in a glass jar with a straw. From the very first sip I loved the drink and had to repeat it over the course of the evening.


The first course of the meal was soup. Ordered for Kaffir Rasam and that was just the start of this wonderful experience. Kaffir Rasam was amazingly delicious. The well-cooked little cubes of veggies in this rasam style watery soup were adding to the defined taste of the dish. The little nibble along the side was a cherry on the cake.


Water chestnut and Corn Tikki is sure to amaze you with its flavor and texture. The tikki is placed onto a puri (the one from sev puri) before presenting it on a platter with a little drop of cream on top to garnish it. Don’t hurt them with your fork, just dirty your fingers and dig into this magic!


Paneer is the vegetarians chicken and I cannot resist ordering it at any given restaurant. So we did. Pathar Paneer took a little longer that the rest of the dishes as communicated first hand by the staff. It was marinated paneer slow cooked to perfection. The pickled garlic flavour was extremely nostalgic for me.


The assistant manager suggested Baby Padwal Kebab with the assurance that the dish would redefine our outlook of padwal as a vegetable. He wasn’t wrong. The padwal kebabs were nowhere close to the regular padwal we have tasted. Stuffed and rich with peanuts, they tasted fantastic.


Shakarkand chat was presented very well and I had high expectations. This dish tough did not live completely up to the so far set standard. The little challenge with the dish was that they deep-fry shakarkand in ghee instead of oil and the taste of ghee just completely overpowers the chat. On indicating this, the staff was prompt to take the dish away and the manager came around to take tab of the situation. They did not include the dish on the bill subsequently (without even informing us of the same).


After the starters we wanted to order some more of them, but apparently we were carrying just one stomach each and had to order main course. Nehru Palace Paneer as a vegetable sounded different but was melt in the mouth paneer cooked in delicious orange tomato gravy. The cubes of paneer were pretty big in size yet very soft and fine in texture.



We ordered Butter Naan and Butter Garlic Naan for breads along side the paneer veggie. Butter naan was very thin & non chewy, just the way it ideally should be. The garlic naan was also made well.



When a meal has gone so well, you definitely want to try the desserts. We were suggested Sugarfree Sitafal Pannacotta and Nuttela & Toffee Tarte Fine. Both the deserts did justice to our taste buds but I like the Pannacotta more.



Every journey comes to an end and even this one did, leaving behind a fabulous culinary experience and an irrepressible temptation to do this again! Love love love!

Ambiance: 4.5/5
Service: 5/5
Food: 4.5/5
Overall: 4.5/5

 View my food journey on Zomato!
 View my food journey on Zomato!
 Mirchi And Mime Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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