Pa Pa Ya, Mumbai (Lower Parel)

Happiness is the fragrance of first rains. Happiness is a smile form your crush. Happiness is the annual Goa trip. Happiness is meeting a long lost friend. Happiness is your mother’s smile. Happiness is your child’s first steps. Happiness is a Zomato meet up and from now on Happiness is also Pa Pa Ya.

On a working Saturday afternoon while I was headed for a business meeting, I receive a text from Kai asking if I was interested and available for joining a Zomato meet up at Pa Pa Ya. After patiently reading the message twice I reverted “Hell Yes!” And there I was on Monday evening driving to Palladium mall. Managed to reach just in time for one of the most wonderful gluttony experiences I have had.


Asia being the largest content on planet earth is extremely rich in its geographical, cultural and there by food diversity. Pa Pa Ya engages you majorly in East Asian and Southeast Asian cuisine and to be more precise Japanese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Chinese & Burmese cuisines. This Jiggs Kalra lead restaurant (also leads Masala Labrary & Punjab Grill) is set out to woo you with its molecular gastronomy, which is a visual treat, and taste that is completely engaging.


As soon as you enter the place you will be awed by the way the interiors are done. Tasteful modern interiors that are artistically done to create a perfect ambiance.


We started at Arjun’s Bar and wished the rounds never ended. Arjun is a master of his art and spun few of the best tasting and visual drinks for us. Being a non alcoholic I am usually not very amused by the mocktails most places serve but this was a compete turnaround. Although all drinks were amusing, the virgin Gopapaya was my best drink for the evening. Arjun kept us sipping all through the evening making a better drink every single time.

IMG_20151102_191924 IMG_20151102_195249 IMG_20151102_192710 IMG_20151102_191936 IMG_20151102_210503 IMG_20151102_214431

From the drinks bar we shifted base to the Sushi bar and there I was introduced and enlightened about the availability, technique and facts about veg sushi. Multiple types of sushi were served on a wooden matrix. It was a very artistic way to serve sushi along side a drink, which complemented it. This being my first experience with sushi, all the self assumed misconceptions that I had about the taste of this dish were cleared and I found new love. This is a must have!


By the time we finished at the sushi bar, the restaurant was absolutely packed. A pre-reserved table was waiting for us at the extreme end of the restaurant where we would have our own time and space to cherish the pre set, never ending menu.

Crispi corn curd was the first vegetarian dish on the table. It perfectly justified the fact that the rest of the evening would be full of food fun and nothing like we have had before. Perfectly crisp spheres that tasted fantastic.


Tofu Carpaccio. Silken tofu with yazu soy and crispy potato shreds served on a platter around the pereferry gave tofu all the respect it deserved.


Aubergine and demerrere goutie were undisputedly better than the best dumplings you could have even in Northeastern china. Finely mashed aubergine mixed with chinese spices made it taste wonderful. I wanted to have an extra bite into this dish but restrained myself to scope for the rest of the planned meal.


Beer battered avocado tacos were served on a wooden platter that kept them upright with the fillings staring at you in the eye asking to get your fingers dirty. I managed to consume this one wholesomely without any regrets.


Veg Laksa which was a coconut based noodle soup cooked in fusion Indonesian and Burmese style was very tempting but I managed only a few table spoons go down my throat for the fact that I was eating beyond my capacity and I wanted to continue doing so with the subsequent dishes. It was again a very well made dish.


Penang Curry was deep fried spiced tofu balls served with mild spiced Malaysian curry and rice. Coconut milk gave the dish more of the Malaysian flavor that it had. Engaging!


Liquid matcha and hazelnut fondant cake served with peppercorn quennele to end the meal on a sweet note. Nailed it!


I might have missed one off dish here for the lack of concentration due to all the foodgasmic pictures that make me drool. This was an over four hour marathon of joy sponsored by Pa Pa Ya, courtesy Zomato.


Like I said, Happiness is Pa Pa Ya!
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