The Food Studio, Mumbai (Mulund)

Do you remember the taste of mother’s milk in your mouth when you were born? Do you remember your mother’s thousand kisses on your forehead? Do you remember the first word you spoke? Your mother knows it all. Although we should leave it for a woman to choose her best experience in life, it is said that nothing beats motherhood. The ability of bringing to this world a new life is beyond words. If you ask a mother, she would say, the joy, the pain, the anxiety, the anxiousness, the bliss, everything, just everything is totally worth it. This one Saturday evening our bunch of friends gathered at The Food Studio for a pre-arrival bash of our first little angel in the group.


The Food Studio seemed to be one of the popular joints in the area. They did not offer telephone reservations stating it was a Saturday. Few of us reached the restaurant a little in advance to get our name listed for a table. The ladies joined us subsequently. On identifying a expecting mother they did not make us wait long and we were preferentially given a table (I am unaware if other places do the same too).


The first round of drinks (and the only round of drinks) was a beer tower and Redbull for the recovering alcoholics. The service was a little slow may be because of the fact that they were sold out. Asked for a dash of lime and grenadine syrup with the redbull and they obliged quickly, I wonder though why would the stirrer take three asking’s and 10 minutes. Nonetheless the drinks are priced decently. With the drinks came nibbles and masala papad.



They served a groundnut salad as a nibble and it had a lot of scope for improvement. Required better spice and flavor. The masala papad was again only decent and could be bettered.



Then came a paneer starter. The paneer by all means was soft, very fine in texture and non grainy. It was rightly marinated but I wish the dish as a whole tasted well. It was nice but again not very great.


We ordered the Burmese Khause Way. I like khause as a dish and have tried it at quite a few restaurants. This one was pretty well made. I could even go back to them just for the khause.



The interiors of the place are done with majorly wooden furniture. The lighting is dim and the music loud enough. It’s a nice place to hand out with your pals (if you are in that vicinity).

Ambiance: 3.5/5
Service: 2/5
Food: 3.5/5
Overall: 3/5
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