Mafia Kitchen, Mumbai (Borivali West)

A little over a decade back when Chinese cuisine (the Indian variant of course) was introduced on Indian streets it became a rage. There were multiple small joints serving the same type and taste of Chinese that was customized for the Indian taste buds. Gradually the trend died down or should I say evolved to either upgrade these places to multi cuisine joints or shut down operations. Mafia Kitchen by the name and feel of it gives me the sense of those old stereotype joints with the evolution of being multi cuisine. No they are not a decade old, rather they have quite recently opened.


The place is more of a kitchen and they have a few tables kept outside the legally owned space (like everyone in the vicinity does). I only wish they had cleaned up the place better even if it is in the exterior, especially the floor. They have put up outdoor cane furniture for seating with cane tables with glass tops. The external area is barricaded with wooden planks and there are potable fans kept in corners for ventilation.


Now if you are located in mini-gujarat, you have to be a vegetarian restaurant. The menu by that means had quite a lot to offer for a vegetarian like myself. We did not place the entire order at one go this time but took our time to try one dish at a time.


Firstly ordered for veg manchow soup and it took them around ten minutes to get it prepared. Pretty decent tasting and the fried noodles were fresh and crunchy. It was total justice to our taste buds and I prematurely thought that we had found a nice eat in.


Ordered for veg Manchurian dry to keep the taste from the soup going. But this dish was disastrously ill cooked. The manchurian balls were over fried. The dry manchurian apparently had thick sticky gravy. The have exploited the use of corn flour as a thickening agent. We had just one bite into the Manchurian and without any complaints to the staff asked them to take it away while we ordered the next dish.


While he was taking the dish away he pointed it to the owners of the place, who seemed to be a young couple, that we did not eat the dish at all. To my amusement they never bothered to respond to him or made an attempt to understand why we had done so. If the owners are not concerned about their clients, I am really unsure of how long will this place sustain.


Paneer is vegetarian’s chicken and I cannot resist ordering it on any given day. I like peri peri spice and so we chose to order peri peri paneer. The paneer was hard, not fresh and did not taste one bit good. The so-called peri peri I believe was the chili flakes they cooked the paneer in. This dish was a complete waste of appetite. We let half the dish pass.


While we ordered the Manchurian we had also asked for a fresh lime soda, which had not arrived yet. We enquired and it took them another 10 minutes to get us a jar of lemonade instead of the fresh lime soda. When I say lemonade I mean the bottled lemonade we get in general stores. I wonder why would they serve lemonade when the client asks for fresh lime soda which is the most common drink served by every restaurant. No! It cannot be a way you are trying to differentiate.


Lastly we ordered for schezwan noodles and I had lost my hope in the place by now. Surprisingly I liked the noodles they served. They were well cooked with chopped spring onion and cabbage. The schezwan sauce they used was the crux of the dish. This dish made me feel some bit good towards the end of the meal.

I would avoid this place in future for the availability of better joints around and also the fact that they are least concerned about their customers.

Ambiance: 1.5/5
Service: 2/5
Food: 2.5/5
Overall: 2/5
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