Doolally TapRoom, Mumbai (Bandra West)

The only time in the year when all the Jains have a sudden realization of their spirituality is during the eight day paryushan. These eight days they abstain themselves from almost 95% of all the edible stuff available on planet earth. Just before the start and right after the end of this span you will find them lined up at food places to gratify their desire to commit Gluttony. Now I don’t want to poke any community but this is how it is. I am a Jain and Doolally TapRoom happened a day prior paryushan.

Doolally TapRoom looks like a very small place at the first sight but had quite some sitting space inside. Even with ample seating area, on a weekday, they asked us to wait for almost 20 minutes. We were reluctant to wait that long and were about to get back into the car when they managed to site an empty table to make us comfortable. The place is done decently with tables and chairs of light colored wood and ample lighting to illuminate the area. Unfortunately the air-conditioning duct right above us happened to let off a drop of water every 15 minutes and this was the only thing that wasn’t positive about the place.


They have a one sided food menu and quite some beers on tap. I am a recovering alcoholic (that’s what I like to say to camouflage that I am a non-alcoholic :p) What was I doing at a Taproom? Now that is a difficult one to answer but luckily they had two mocktails to choose from. I chose mojito. It was quite nicely mixed and the fresh mint was adequately utilized to bring in a nice flavor.


Ordered for a Lemon cottage cheese. It was served with rice and sautéed exotic vegetables. The cottage cheese was amazingly soft, very smooth and non grainy in texture. It was yellow creamy gravy with bell peppers, onion and cottage cheese, still makes me drool. The rice accompaniment was mildly flavored and cooked with a dash of black mustard seeds. Vegetables were beautifully sautéed with some oregano added to them and tasted fantastic.


After a brilliant first dish, who would not want to order the second? With the constraint of being vegetarian we next ordered for Vegetable Ishtew. This one again did equal justice to our taste buds. Assorted vegetables cooked in coconut flavored orange creamy gravy. It was accompanied by paratha (I believe they use frozen parathas), fried papad and a little Indian traditional salad comprising of sliced onion, cumber and tomato. The gravy was a treat and we managed to wipe the plate clean of it.


As a fact, if you don’t enter a place with a lot of expectation, you give the place quite an opportunity to surprise you. It was a pretty happy surprise. They also have a little library across a wall (which is not much of a requirement for a drinking place) and a wall holding a number of games (for tow or more) which is an added attraction. People seemed to be have fun playing theirs as we choose chess. My date beat me hands down 😦


No they aren’t so heavy on your wallet either. Oh well, I am speaking in favor of food and mocktails here. If you choose to run you money down their tap, I assume looking at people around, would be worth too.


Ambiance: 3.5/5
Service: 4/5
Food: 4.5/5
Overall: 4/5
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