Todi Mill Social, Mumbai (Lower Parel)

A couple of years back when Mumbai was a nocturnal paradise I used to hop places all night long and believe me it was crazy fun. I do miss those days but there are a few places that make me feel 18, this is one of them. (Ok, now don’t judge me, I am still not very old :p)


This restaurant just goes out to prove that if one has the right content and marketing you can be placed anywhere and get a colossal crowd. Although they are located in the southern part of the city, which is a hub of happening joints, they were certainly not an easy find in those narrow mill compound lanes. Until some years ago only god knew everything not they renamed it to Google and god did help us find the place.

I hate standing back waiting to find a place at any joint and good we choose a weekday to visit them. We had a choice to pick our place when we entered from both the ground and mezzanine level. After a day at work I was drained enough to choose the closest empty table from the entry, naaah, just kidding. There were a couple of tables on an elevated platform and we choose one of them.


The place is designed to give it a rustic look. Distress furniture at paces and deliberate, thoughtful use leather gives the place a unique vibe. Since this an actual mill compound they have maintained the open tin ceiling and open ducting for air-conditioning. The bar is done a little wackily with nonconventional lighting and bar stools around it.


We ordered for redbull and a mocktail called pink cream. I liked the customized gasses they served the drinks in. The mocktail seemed just ok, the redbull as usual was wow!


Paneer chilli is one of my favorites and it is difficult to part from your favorites, isn’t it? I was a little surprised by the dish they served it in. It was the same melamine dish they use at local Chinese joints with almost the same kind of scratches on it. They could have thought better to give it a more local feel. The paneer seemed to be from mix batches, the first bite was very hard and I was almost disappointed but then the subsequent bite seemed better. When I say better, it was just ok, they possibly should change the vendor and get a better quality control. The taste again was not something to go back for.


Apparently they just had one vegetarian burger and I was amused by what they called it “And…we finally have a veg burger #OnPublicDemand” The burger was served on a wooden platter along side spiced French fries and flavored mayonnaise. The burger was perfect. Crisply fried patty and fresh veggie neatly placed between a very nice tasting burger bun. It was docked to the wooden platter with a knife firmly pierced at the center. This one’s a must have.


The menu quite a lot of other options and I was tempted to order more but there was a little constraint, we ran out of appetite. They might see me again to try their Muchies.



Ambiance: 4.5/5

Cleanliness: 3.5/5

Service: 3.5/5

Food: 2.5/5

Overall: 3.5/5

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