Royal Masterchef, Mumbai (Dhaisar)

The restaurant by its name, sounds like a place that you shouldn’t miss. It rings to me like I was going to a specialty restaurant hosted by the chefs of the Masterchef (TV series) kitchen and a chance to exploit my endeavors of gluttony. No they are not what I dreamt of.


If you are placed in town, you would never make it to this place unless for someone who you feel is worthy enough for travel. Located in the most extreme corner of the official Mumbai city limits this one might not be an easy access.


We ditched a community function at Borivali west to visit this place on a Sunday for Brunch. If you are a mumbaikar, you would know that even in dry spells during the peacock dancing season it rains in Mumbai on weekends and so to keep the trend going, it rained.


Valets are prompt to pick your car up and hold out umbrellas to save you the discomfort. We arrived at an unattended reception to walk past it straight to a not very occupied restaurant. Still to be addressed by a host or captain we found a table on our own. There came the captain with a big broad smile to finally greet us with the menu.


The place is done pretty decently with ample seating and is perfectly lit up. Seating is comfortable, linen is clean, just the way I like them. Little details are given their importance. The menu is elaborate and gives quite some options to choose from. I did my stereotype by asking for suggestions.


We ordered for veg jade garden soup, cream of tomato soup, masala papad, chili paneer, subz gunchad (mix veg), dal fry, lacchadar paratha, butter naan & butter garlic naan.


Veg Jade garden soup was just about satiable. It was a recommend by a friend who had visited them before and I am still trying to find ways to settle scores with him.


Cream of tomato soup was not one of the finest I have had. It was a little too sweet for my taste buds. I still believe it was freshly made. Both soups were served with soup sticks.


Masala papad with the regular onion, tomato, coriander, red chili and salt toppings was served in set of 2. I have always liked if they would pre mix the topping ingredients along with a little lemon and top it as a single topping.


Chili paneer was the best serve of the day. Of the little they could do, they managed to cook this one well in flavor and taste. The paneer soft enough, non grainy with a smooth texture, this added to the dish tasting good.


We asked the staff to suggest a veggie and they highly recommended the Subz Gunchad which was off the menu. I am always exited to order something that a restaurant recommends is not on the menu. This happened to be nothing different from a mix veg in orange gravy. I have never exploited lemons as much to subside the original taste of a veggie.


The dal fry was again helping the Subz Gulchad in ruining the meal. Very bland in taste with almost no flavour as if they had served plain boiled dal. I had heard well of this place from a few non vegetarian friends but these two dishes killed the meal.


The bread’s were decent enough. Naan was not very chewy even when cold. The garlic was done fairly well and the laccha paratha was good too. Can you go to a restaurant just for its breads?



Ambiance: 3.5/5

Cleanliness: 4/5

Service: 3/5

Food: 1.5/5

Overall: 3/5


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